9% corporate tax to make running a business in Hungary even more economical

If you want to set-up a company in the EU, Hungary has been the best choice for a long time. Now running a business in Hungary will become even more economical thanks to new legislation on 9% corporate tax from 2017.

Company formation in Hungary

Quick and easy company formation, immediate international VAT number registration and low starting capital made Hungary an ideal target for non-EU businessmen who wanted to start activities in the European Union. The low corporate tax and the easy residency application process made Hungary even more attractive for running a business in Europe.

Running a business with even lower corporate tax

Corporate tax in Hungary is currently as low as 10%. Thanks to new legislation, corporate tax will be even lower, 9% starting from 2017. This will make setting up and running a business in Hungary ­– and relocating to Europe through Hungarian company formation – even more cost-effective than it has been up till now.

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