Salaries and payroll taxes in 2023, Hungary

ژانویه 4, 2023

Last updated on 24 May 2023.

As every year, minimum wages have just got adjusted to counter the effects of inflation. Both types of minimum wage were increased by ca. 15%, but there have been no changes to payroll taxes in 2023. At the same type, the SZÉP Card received a long-awaited update.

Do you have employees on minimum wage? Read on!

The minimum wage is the lowest remuneration an employer can pay any employee. In Hungary it is defined on a monthly basis, and it is adjusted regularly (at least every year) by the government to ensure it remains a living wage. There are in fact two types of minimum wage, depending on the qualifications required for the position:

  • Minimum wage can be paid to employees whose job does not require any specific skills or a secondary education. This has been increased by 16% from HUF 200,000 gross to HUF 232,000 gross as of 1 January 2023.
  • Guaranteed minimum salary must be paid to employees whose job needs at least a secondary education or a high school diploma. This has been increased by 14% from HUF 260,000 gross to HUF 292,400 gross as of 1 January 2023.

If you have employees who receive either the minimum wage or the guaranteed minimum salary, you must increase their salaries to meet the required minimum, and modify their labor contracts accordingly.

Your costs will increase not only by the raise itself, but also by the payroll taxes you must pay as an employer (more on this below).

Do you take salary as a managing director? Are you paying minimum contributions? Read on!

The Hungarian minimum wage has increased to HUF 232,000, and the guaranteed minimum salary to HUF 292,400 as of 1 January 2023. The managing director’s salary or the base of the minimum contributions also follow this increase. Read more here.

Salary calculation in 2023

In Hungary, the employer and the employee always agree on the gross salary, and this is what is included in the labor contract. When minimum wages are discussed, that also means the gross salary.

Employees must pay taxes and contributions from the gross salary, but various tax exemptions may apply based on age and marital status. As a result, the net salary of an employee may change even if the gross salary remains the same. The taxes to be paid by the employee are in fact calculated by the employer who also forwards them to the Tax Authority, so the employees receive only their net salaries.

Additionally, the employer must pay a tax for employing someone. This is calculated on top of the gross salary of the employee, and must be paid to the Tax Authority monthly, together with the employee’s taxes. The sum of the gross salary and the employer’s taxes is what a given employee costs your company in a given month.

In the below comparison table, you can see the Hungarian payroll taxes in 2023 for the minimum wage, the guaranteed minimum salary, and another amount. If you want to check salary costs for other salaries, visit our salary calculator here. The indicated amounts are all in HUF.

Minimum wageGuaranteed minimum salaryOther salary
Gross salary (in the contract)232,000296,400450,000
Employee’s payroll tax
15% Income tax34,80044,46067,500
18.5% Social security contribution42,92054,83483,250
Net salary (to be paid out)154,280197,106299,250
13% Employer’s tax30,16038,53258,500
Company’s total payroll cost262,160334,932508,500

No changes to payroll taxes in 2023

2022 saw some major changes to Hungarian regulations, such as the significant reduction of the employer’s tax with the abolition of the vocational training levy and the decrease of the social contribution tax, or the personal income tax exemption for those under the age of 25. In contrast, payroll taxes in 2023 remain the same, so the payroll costs at your Hungarian company will only change in proportion to the raise you give your employees.

No more pockets on the SZÉP Card

The SZÉP Card is one of the most popular fringe benefits in Hungary. It is a type of “non-salary compensation” that can be spent on hot meals, accommodation when traveling, and various leisure activities such as visiting museums or theaters. It lets employers complement the salaries of their employees under reduced tax while giving a boost to targeted sectors.

Since its creation, the SZÉP Card had three “pockets”, or sub-accounts dedicated to each supported activity. Over the last few years, these pockets were sometimes “turned off”, or made interchangeable to make sure all sums can be used up, boosting domestic tourism. Now, as of 9 January 2023, the pockets are abolished for good, and all the sums previously received in either pocket can be spent with any participating provider.

The Helpers Team at your service

With the ca. 15% increase to minimum wages in Hungary, you must make sure that the salaries you pay your employees are still above the required minimum, and adjust salaries and labor contracts as necessary. You might want to give a raise to other employees too to keep their salaries competitive.

The Helpers Team provides comprehensive assistance to small and medium-sized businesses operating in Hungary, with a special focus on working with foreign owners. Our services include not only company setup and residency applications, but also precise accountancy that lets you stay on top of your finances, complete with HR support to keep compliant with regulations.

Should you need any help, we are here to assist you make your business a success in Hungary. Just fill in the form below to get in touch.

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