Immigration consultant in Europe — Become a partner!

Do you know someone who wants to immigrate to Europe but is not sure where to start? Do you want to help your clients or business partners set foot in Europe? Do you need a partner to do all the work that can get your clients or business partners a European resident permit which grants free movement in the Schengen zone?

Look no further!

With more than 10 years of experience in business immigration, Helpers Hungary is your ideal choice for partnership. For more information, call our expert Mo Shaban in our office on +36.1.317.8570 or write to him directly to

More information on the partnership program will be available soon.

Watch this space.

Who you are
Trusted client or partner of Helpers who is happy with our service Local business and/or immigration agency in one of our target markets International company formation or immigration agency with a strong brand and client base
Investment required
None Local marketing (may be shared with Helpers) The agent’s usual marketing / promo cost
Helpers Helpers & your brand Your brand only
What your client pays
Helpers standard prices Helpers standard prices Your prices
How you make money
Commission paid to you by Helpers at first sale and also ongoing sales to your associate You get discounted rates from Helpers and the difference is your profit You can mark up our service prices as you wish, and also sell additional services
How much you can make
10% is our standard commission for referrals Up to 30% on the starting package and ongoing commissions Unlimited  as you can mark up our prices as you wish
Who bills the client
Helpers You bill the client and Helpers bills you You bill the client and Helpers bills you
Who supports the client
Helpers Helpers & you in a shared workflow Your support team
Who handles complaints
Helpers Helpers & you in a shared workflow Your support team