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Who we are

Helpers is Hungary’s leading provider of comprehensive business and personal services for international clients. This means that we provide administrative assistance to “expats”, or foreign people living, working, and doing business in Hungary. Our services include assistance with residency, work permit, and citizenship application as well as business setup and accountancy.

We have a diverse team of 20+ people committed to providing solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Since most of our clients and some of our colleagues are foreigners, our working language is English. If you are not exactly confident in your English proficiency, no worries, experience shows that colleagues pick up the required language skills quickly.

Our Values


As the name of the company suggests, helping others achieve their goals is important for everyone of us working for Helpers. We help our clients with paperwork related to immigration and business operation, while we also help each other in our daily work. We also regularly participate in charity projects and events.


Since it was established in 2005, Helpers has been growing slowly but steadily, always looking for new niches in our area of expertise, expanding on what we already know, and adapting to trends. Job descriptions might change, but as long as you are willing to learn new skills, you will have a place on the team. Our organizational structure allows for individual growth, with clear options for career development.


You will work with competent colleagues who are eager to learn more every day, even if they already excel at what they do. You will have every support to learn the tasks in your new role, while you can also set individual development goals with your mentor, one of the senior colleagues. We also regularly organize trainings for computer skills, assertive communication, and other skills that might come in handy during your work.


While we have clients from all over the world, our team is likewise diverse. Working together with people from different countries and different backgrounds lets us take advantage of the strengths of each other, while understanding new perspectives can help us come up with more appropriate solutions for each situation, whether it is related to a client case or to daily life at the office.