Registered seat upgrade in Hungary with Helpers

What do you get at your registered seat? How fast and reliable is mail forwarding? Do you get actionable, English summaries of important messages? Upgrade your registered seat to a virtual office with Helpers and focus your resources on growing your business.

Working hours for student residency holders increased in Hungary

Third-country nationals studying in Hungary are allowed to work beside their studies. The number of officially approved working hours has just increased, so now you are allowed to work 30 hours a week without forfeiting your student residency.

Family tree research in Hungary

Need someone to recover old family documents that connect you to your Hungarian ancestors? Look no further! Our family tree research team is here to help.

Duty-free shopping and VAT refund in Hungary

Non-EU residents visiting the EU have the option to avoid paying VAT on their purchases in Hungary. This is possible either by shopping duty-free at an airport, or by making purchases at regular stores and reclaiming VAT upon leaving the EU.

Property purchase in Hungary as a foreigner

If you are not a citizen of Hungary, you might need a property purchase license before you can finalize the deal – your lawyer can take care of it. After purchase, you will be required to pay property tax, which is normally 4% of the purchase price.

Hungarian residency options for non-EU citizens

The Hungarian residence permit is issued based on your plans in Hungary. The procedure will be slightly different in each case, and different supporting documents will be required. The application procedure usually takes 2-3 months, so make sure to apply in time.

What to look for in virtual office service – Tips for business owners

Using a virtual office service can save you money not only at the start of your company operation, but also throughout your business activity in Hungary. Learn about some aspects you should keep in mind when choosing a provider.

No more visa-free entry to the Schengen zone?

In November 2023, the ETIAS system will go live. It will be relevant to those non-EU residents who can currently travel visa-free to the Schengen zone. Come May, their passport will not be enough: they will have to register in the ETIAS system before their trip.

U.S. cancels double taxation treaty with Hungary

On 8 July 2022, the U.S. officially notified Hungary that it was unilaterally terminating the double taxation treaty between the two countries. But what does that mean exactly, and what to expect?

SZÉP card in Hungary in 2022

SZÉP card is the most popular form of fringe benefits in Hungary. It can normally be used for recreational activities, but because of the pandemic, some alterations were introduced. Among these, users were allowed to use the SZÉP card for buying foodstuff as well – with July that has come to an end.