Start looking at properties for your Hungarian golden visa now

The application period for the Hungarian golden visa program starts only in July 2024, but you can and should already start looking for residential real estate in Hungary.

Guest investor visa and guest investor residency in Hungary

While the new Hungarian investment immigration program is simply referred to as a “golden visa” program, there is a difference between guest investor visa and guest investor residency.

Hungarian citizenship for golden visa investors

While Hungarian citizenship is not part of the golden visa program, there is no rule that would prevent application through the regular channel.

Investment options in the Hungarian Golden Visa program

The Hungarian golden visa program will offer three options to investors who wish to obtain 10-year EU residency for themselves and their immediate family members. While not every detail is defined just yet, we already know much.

New Hungarian proposal promotes the employment of foreigners in digital companies

According to a new proposal, digital companies where more than 60% of the employees are third-country nationals could enjoy significant tax benefits.

Helpers extends operations to Serbia

Helpers is proud to announce that we are now extending our operation to Serbia. We are now offering the same high quality business and immigration services, supported by local know-how and a network of Serbian experts.

Salaries and payroll taxes in 2024, Hungary

This year, the minimum wage was increased by 15%, while the guaranteed minimum salary by 10%. No changes were made to payroll taxes in 2024, but there have been some changes to the SZÉP Card.

Bank holidays in Hungary in 2024

Learn about all the holidays and special days when your business is supposed to be closed, or when special wage supplements need to be provided to employees working on these occasions.

New immigration law does not affect Hungarian citizenship applications

The Hungarian Citizenship Act of 2010 remains intact, so anyone with Hungarian ancestors can apply for citizenship and easily get an EU passport.

Q&A about the new immigration law in Hungary 7 – Work permit

Learn about the new options available to third-country nationals who currently hold or have been planning to apply for a work permit.