Air-conditioning at the office – Summer work safety in Hungary

Summer is on us, which means air-conditioning is being turned on in most offices and other places of business – and the temperature of the work environment affects the health as well as the productivity of the work force.

Can you get a second job in Hungary with a work permit?

Let’s say you are a third country national with Hungarian residency based on a work permit. What happens if you are offered a second job in Hungary so you can make more money in your free time? Can you take it? Not really – but there is a workaround. Read on to find out how that works.

Report your corporate tax by 31 May in Hungary

Are you operating a company in Hungary? Then make sure to report and pay corporate tax for 2022 by 31 May 2023 the latest! You probably have an accountant that helps you with reporting related to your business – get in touch with them to make sure everything is alright.

Authorization for your employees at your Hungarian business

An authorization always refers to some kind of representation. While employees represent the company they work for when they are meeting clients or serving them in a shop, that does not normally require a separate, official authorization. When they need to sign contracts or make payments on behalf of the company, however, they will need proof that they can do so.

Top 10 fun facts you REALLY need to know about driving in Hungary!

Are you planning to start driving in Hungary? Or are you already driving? Then make sure you know the most important differences between driving in Hungary and in other countries.

Company setup or freelancing in Hungary? Learn the pros and cons of each

Are you planning to do business in Hungary? You have several options – you just need an idea for your operation, and find the business form that suits it best. Company formation or self-employment? VAT or no VAT? Which tax regime? Let’s give you a crash course.

What are all those 1% billboards about?

Wherever you go in Hungary these days, you will see billboards asking for your 1%. But what do they mean? Well, they are asking you donate 1% of your personal income tax, which you can do now that the tax returns season is coming up. And how does that work?

Foreign-owned companies in Hungary in numbers

Foreign-owned companies have been contributing massively to Hungarian economy over the last fifteen years. Get an overview of what this means in numbers, and consider how your business might fit a niche on the Hungarian market.

How to become self-employed in Hungary?

Being self-employed in Hungary gives you the flexibility to decide when and how much you work for who. But is it really for you? Get a quick overview of what to watch out for before you take the first step.

10+1 things to consider before becoming a freelancer in Hungary

Are you already a resident of Hungary? Currently employed and want to do something else on the side? Followed your spouse on family unification and want to work, but you do not have a work permit yet? Becoming a freelancer in Hungary might be the way. Have a summary of aspects to consider.