5 things you must know before starting a business in Hungary – Starting a business checklist

May 11, 2016

Are you considering opening a company in Hungary? Make sure you read this summary before you start doing business! Learn all you need, and make informed decisions.

Starting a business checklist

  1. The most popular form of business is Limited Liability Company (“Kft” in Hungarian). The LLC may have one or more members and directors.
  2. You can start your company as a foreign business owner, without a local partner. While in many countries it is obligatory to have a local partner or local directors, Hungary allows foreigners to do business on their own.
  3. It only takes 4-5 business days to register a company. Once the registration is completed, the director(s) have to open the bank account in person.
  4. Hungary has a low corporate tax rate of 9% up to HUF 500M (about EUR 1.6M) per year, and 19% on the portion above this threshold; this applies to profits after the deduction of all expenses.
  5. Your business operation allows you to settle in Hungary and get EU residency. Third country nationals may apply for a resident permit based on the business they operate in Hungary.

Have you found our checklist interesting? For more information on starting a business, company formation and EU residency, contact Lívia Buzás via livia@helpers.hu or give us a call on +36 1 317 8570!

UPDATE: Corporate tax in Hungary is 9% as of 1 January, 2017. For more information, read our article here.

Last Updated 27.11.2019

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