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Helpers Hungary have provided me with everything I required to set-up and maintain my company, allowing me to focus on my work. I don't know what I would do without them!

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Fastest incorporation in Europe

When you have a business idea you want to make reality, you don’t want to waste time with unnecessary administration. Hungary offers the fastest company incorporation procedure in Europe. Have your company incorporated in just a few days Founding a lim

The Business Premium Virtual Office service has arrived

The Virtual Office service is an essential element of worry-free company formation in Hungary. Now, based on feedback from our clients, the original service has been extended with several new features to create the Business Premium Virtual Office package. Read below to learn what’s new!

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Unless you own your office or shop, chances are you will change your operation site several times during the company’s lifetime. If you have a separate business address, authorities can contact you wherever you move your office – and you can also avoid the legal cost of changing the company seat

Virtual office in Budapest

Having a registered seat is obligatory for a Hungarian company: this is where the authorities and partners can expect to reach it. HELPERS created a service tailored to fit the needs of foreign business owners who do not have time to receive and manage the official mail of their company.

Our virtual office service includes not only a prestigious registered address and mail forwarding, but also complex administrative support that would normally be provided by an employee of the company: opening and scanning all mail, determining where each letter has to be forwarded, which requires the CEO’s attention, providing short summaries in English if needed, etc. Our service allows you to concentrate on your business without having to deal with the above.

Seat address

At the company’s seat, your company name must be indicated in accordance with regulations. Also, your mail and all other enquiries (including possible inspections by authorities) should be handled without delay by a competent, Hungarian-speaking person who understands the regulations and the company’s obligations.

Mail forwarding service

The registered seat and mail forwarding service by Helpers covers all of the above, which makes this service a comfortable, reliable, and cost-effective solution for any foreign-owned company in Hungary. Your registered address will be a prestigious one in the financial (5th) district. All your urgent mail will be forwarded electronically within 2 business days to the appropriate person. Often the mail will be handled and dealt with by our staff directly (including the accounting department) so you will not have to worry about it at all – this is really convenient when response deadlines are short (at times 5 or 8 days). If something does require your personal attention, we will summarize it and give you instructions in English, at no extra charge.


Registered seat and mail processing/forwarding service:

Standard package: EUR 1,000/year (+VAT if applicable)

Our basic virtual office service includes a central Budapest address with mail forwarding and administrative support by Helpers staff, sending mail directly to your accountant, and preparing short English summaries of Hungarian letters as necessary.

Business Premium package: EUR 1,800/year (+VAT if applicable)

Beside all services of the standard package, you get the following additional services:

  • Unlimited official/business mail forwarding to a foreign address
  • Secure online storage of documents
  • Company logo displayed at the registered seat
  • Domain subscription with company name
  • Postal mail forwarding from your private apartment in Budapest
  • Company stamp to verify your documents

For the detailed service list of each package, click here. In case you like some offers from the Premium package but not all, please feel free to ask for a tailored quote.

Our special offer: subscribe for 2 years of either package and get 40% discount on the 2nd year!

We offer preferential rates for package orders including more than one service.


In Hungary, a registered seat is a legal business address. This is where government authorities will expect to find your company, therefore it is crucial that a competent person is there to handle any incoming mail or enquiry. It is best if the company’s seat address remains the same throughout your Hungarian operation, while you might want to move your shop or office location as your business grows. If you have our virtual office service as your company seat, you can have all of your business mail from partners and the authorities sent to your registered address, and then forwarded to you or your accountant at whatever address you choose.

The virtual office is a service that provides a legal physical address that serves as your company’s registered seat, complete with competent staff who are there to receive all mail, as well as deal with possible enquiries from the authorities. Moreover, our service contains administrative support besides the mail forwarding services: we open your letters, decide where each has to be forwarded, securely dispose of junk mail, and only email you when something requires your attention, providing a short English summary of the content if necessary. This leaves you free to handle only those items that require your personal touch.

You can, but only if your friend can guarantee that your company’s name and details will be displayed at his or her place in the manner dictated by law; that she will be able to represent your company if a tax inspector shows up (at times unannounced) to check up on the business; that she will know what to do with urgent mail from authorities that often require a response or action within just a few days; and that she will take responsibility (and offer you compensation) in case you miss an important deadline or inspection because she is away traveling. Otherwise, you are better off with a professional registered seat provider like Helpers.

We forward urgent mail within 2 days (scan copies sent electronically) and non-urgent mail weekly. However, in many cases you will not have to deal with the mail at all – for example, we will forward all accounting-related paperwork and notices to your accountant directly, especially if the mail is in Hungarian.

Not, it isn’t. The virtual office is where authorities expect to find you. They will always contact you in a written form, and letters can easily be forwarded to the person responsible (mostly your accountant). Authorities will never try to contact you via the phone. If you need someone to pick up the phone and answer questions on your or your company’s behalf, you will need to hire an assistant, who can always give up-to-date answers to callers.

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