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Helpers has been of great assistance to me during my efforts to attain Hungarian citizenship. I wholeheartedly recommend hiring Helpers for people looking to strengthen their connection to Hungary, either via establishing a business there or becoming a citizen.

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Hungarian residency for financially independent persons

While this is a residency option available in several European countries, there is no such program in Hungary. However, you can still choose from several options; get an overview here.

Henley Passport Index 2024: Hungarian passport 7th best in world

In 2024, Hungary ranks again among the Top 10 on the Henley Passport Index that lists the most desired passports around the world.

Useful Tips

If you plan on applying for citizenship in Hungary, it may be required to maintain your Hungarian residency status for a number of years – and this should always be done in a timely manner. Work with a professional to avoid missing important deadlines!

Hungarian Citizenship Services

A Hungarian passport is among the most desirable passports in the world, offering visa-free travel within Europe as well as to the United States and Canada, among many other destinations. To find out whether you are eligible, and whether / when your current immigration status can be converted into Hungarian citizenship, schedule a consultation with our immigration experts! Do you want to know if you are eligible for Hungarian citizenship? Check out our eligibility test.

If you want to learn more about becoming a Hungarian citizen, read on, or check out our citizenship website at

Citizenship by Hungarian heritage

Normally, the requirement for getting citizenship is 8 years of continuous residency in Hungary but a preferential procedure is available for applicants with Hungarian parents or heritage, or for those with Hungarian spouses or children. Believe it or not, having a Hungarian ancestor from the 1800s could qualify you! This procedure could be as fast as a few months – you just need to provide proof of family connection and a basic knowledge of Hungarian. We are here to assist with all parts of this process, from researching your lineage to getting the required certificates, testing and (if needed) improving your language skills, and completing your application file. You can even apply from abroad – we’ll ship your file to you!

Hungary – Citizenship after residency?

If you do not have Hungarian family or heritage, you need 8 years of continuous residency in Hungary before you can apply for citizenship and a Hungarian passport. However, many of the benefits that EU citizens enjoy are also available for foreigners with residency in Hungary. Unconstrained travel into and within the Schengen zone, visa-free stay in most EU countries for up to 90 days, and the possibility to live and work in Europe – click here to discover the shortest road to Hungarian residency.

Are you looking for EU citizenship?

While an EU passport is a highly desirable document to have, it can be quite a lengthy and difficult process to get citizenship in a European country. We are happy to work with you to determine if you are eligible for Hungarian citizenship or long-term residency – and, if not, to assist you in finding another option in the EU. Please contact our experts for a consultation.


Eligibility Consultation only: USD 200 (+ 27% VAT if applicable). Deductible from the citizenship application package
We check whether you are eligible based on your knowledge about your ancestry, and whether the documents you have are sufficient. If it turns out you need genealogy research, our trusted genealogy researcher partners can recover your documents. In case you are not eligible for citizenship based on ancestry, other options might also be available for you based on your history and your future plans. You can also become a resident of Hungary, which offers similar privileges but the requirements are different.

Genealogy Research and/or Acquiring Proof of Ancestry (if required): individual pricing starting at USD 1,490 (+ 27% VAT if applicable)
If you do not have the necessary information or papers available, we will do the required family tree research (anywhere within present-day Hungary and even in former Hungarian territory, meaning the neighboring countries) and obtain proof of ancestry on your behalf.

Citizenship Application Package: individual pricing, starting from USD 2,600 (+ 27% VAT if applicable)
We check whether you are eligible based on your knowledge about your ancestry, and whether the documents you have are sufficient. If it turns out you need genealogy research, our partner genealogist runs a pre-genealogy check to see whether your Hungarian ancestors’ documents are still available or not. We assess your knowledge of Hungarian with respect to the citizenship interview requirements, and determine if you need extra preparation. We prepare your application package (documents you have to submit upon application), help you decide where to apply and how to book an appointment. We provide full support from step 1 to receiving your citizenship.

Hungarian Language Lessons (online or offline) Specifically for Citizenship Interview (if needed)
We work with language teachers specialized in preparing you for the citizenship interview, and offer tailored preparatory courses on- or off-line (with a usual maximum of 25 lessons required).

Tax consultancy: on an hourly basis, USD 120 / hour (+VAT if applicable)
Consult a taxation specialist to see if you will have any tax obligations in Hungary. (Recommended for those who intend to move to Hungary.)

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Expedited naturalization refers to the process of becoming a citizen and getting a passport sooner than you would otherwise be eligible to do so. It is also referred to as preferential, or in some cases, simplified naturalization. In Hungary, naturalization is normally an eight-year process. However, immediate family members of Hungarian citizens, anyone with Hungarian ancestry, and certain other categories of residents may qualify for an expedited naturalization process. Let us know if you are interested in this procedure – we’ll be happy to check if you’re eligible.

Foreigners who have children or spouses who are Hungarian citizens, or who were born in Hungarian territory can get Hungarian citizenship faster than the usual procedure. People with Hungarian ancestry can also request simplified naturalization. To find out if you’re eligible, please consult our experts!

A Hungarian passport allows visa-free travel to a large number of countries, including all European countries, the USA and Canada, etc. Hungarian citizens can also travel to Australia via a simplified visa procedure. Since Hungary is not involved in any international conflicts or border disputes, Hungarians can travel easily worldwide, making a Hungarian passport one of the top 10 passports in the world. With a Hungarian passport, you can also live and work throughout the EU.

Basically it depends on the grounds that you are using to apply for citizenship. In case of the usual procedure (based on at least 8 years spent in Hungary as resident) there is a serious exam with questions about Hungarian history and culture, all in Hungarian. This requires proper preparation. In case of the expedited procedure (available to people with Hungarian ancestry) you only have to prove that you can talk basic colloquial Hungarian. In either case, we can provide assistance with getting ready for the exam or testing your current level.

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