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With Helpers, every detail was meticulously cared for; I only had to provide my documentation. It was a stress free experience and within 4 months, I became a Hungarian citizen.

ALEX BOEHM Canada (now Hungarian citizen)


How to Become a Hungarian Citizen

Becoming a Hungarian citizen could be very easy or a bit more challenging, depending on your individual circumstances. Here’s what you need to know about the different pathways that are available.

The basics of the Hungarian citizenship procedure

If you want to apply for Hungarian citizenship, you need to check several things before you can start the citizenship procedure. These include checking the regulations in your country of origin as well as meeting some conditions that make you eligible for Hungarian citizenship.

Useful Tips

If you plan on applying for citizenship in Hungary, it may be required to maintain your Hungarian residency status for a number of years – and this should always be done in a timely manner. Work with a professional to avoid missing important deadlines!

Hungarian Citizenship Services

A Hungarian passport is among the most desirable passports in the world, offering visa-free travel within Europe as well as to the United States and Canada, among many other destinations. To find out whether you are eligible, and whether / when your current immigration status can be converted into Hungarian citizenship, schedule a consultation with our immigration experts!

Are you looking for EU citizenship?

While an EU passport is a highly desirable document to have, it can be quite a lengthy and difficult process to get citizenship in a European country. However, many of the benefits that EU citizens enjoy are also available for foreigners with residency in Hungary. Unconstrained travel into and within the Schengen zone, visa-free stay in most EU countries for up to 90 days, and the possibility to live and work in Europe – click here to discover the shortest road to Hungarian residency.


Naturalization is the process of acquiring Hungarian citizenship as a foreign national. There are a number of conditions on this procedure, and one of them is that the applicant must hold a Hungarian residence card for a certain number of years. Normally, the requirement is 8 years but preferential naturalization is available for applicants with Hungarian parents or heritage, or for those with Hungarian spouses or children.

Hungary – Citizenship by investment?

The Hungarian Investment Immigration Program  (now suspended) is often also referred to as “investment citizenship”. This is somewhat misleading because, at this point, there is no preferential procedure for immigrant investors with regard to citizenship – although they do receive permanent residency much faster and easier than usual applicants.

For other European citizenship options please visit, the most comprehensive database of residency and citizenship programs around the world.


Citizenship application: EUR 800-1,500 (+VAT if applicable)

Click here for our full residency price list, or here to find out about the best Hungarian investment residency option!


Expedited naturalization refers to the process of becoming a naturalized citizen sooner than you would otherwise be eligible to do so. In Hungary, naturalization is normally an eight-year process. However, immediate family members of Hungarian citizens, as well as ethnic Hungarians who know the language and certain other categories of residents, may qualify for expedited naturalization. Let us know if you think you might qualify.

A Hungarian passport allows visa-free travel to a large number of countries, including all European countries, the USA and Canada, etc. Hungarian citizens can also travel to Australia via a simplified visa procedure. Since Hungary is not involved in any international conflicts or border disputes, Hungarians can travel easily worldwide, so a Hungarian passport is held in extremely high regard.

At the present moment, there is no preferential citizenship procedure available for participants of the Hungarian Investment Immigration program. However, there is a modification of Hungary’s immigration law in the works that would grant expedited procedure to holders of a Hungarian residency bond. Fill in our contact form if you are interested, and we will keep you updated on current changes.

Foreigners who have children or spouses who are Hungarian citizens, or who were born in Hungarian territory can get Hungarian citizenship faster than the usual procedure. People with Hungarian ancestry can also request preferential naturalization. If you think you may be eligible, please consult our experts!

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