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Best Golden Visa program in Europe gets even better?

می 24, 2016

Unhindered, free travel around Europe is a serious asset to international businessmen who (wish to) engage in trade in the European Union. The Hungarian Golden Visa program with its fast track residency – and thus fast track Schengen visa – offers just that. And now the program might become even more attractive.

The best Golden Visa program in Europe

Currently the Hungarian Golden Visa program is the cheapest on the market. It offers an investment opportunity into Hungarian Residency Bonds, through which you and your family become eligible for a Hungarian permanent resident permit. Since Hungary is a member of the European Union and the Schengen zone, your resident permit will enable you to travel freely within the EU, which makes it as good as a Golden Visa to Europe.

The procedure is quick and simple, with just a few months to wait for your permanent resident permit. You can even bring your family, meaning your spouse and underage children, so you can immigrate to Europe together.

How can the Hungarian Residency Bond Program get even better?

At present it seems there is a chance that the program might become faster and more inclusive. With the current procedure you first apply for a temporary resident permit, and you have to wait another 6 months before you can apply for the permanent resident permit. If rumors are true, this waiting time could be reduced in the near future, so that you can pick up your permanent resident permit in only 2 months.

While now you can already bring your spouse and underage children, in the future you might be allowed to bring your sons and daughters even in they are more than 18 years old if they depend on you. Moreover, as your parents might also be dependent on you, soon you might be allowed to bring them too.

What does it cost?

The structure of the program is as follows:

  • Investment: EUR 300,000 into Hungarian Residency Bond The investment binds your money for only five years, while you get a Golden Visa to Europe for a lifetime.
  • Government processing fee: EUR 60,000, which is a onetime fee. Unlike the investment amount, this is non-refundable – but in fact this is your only expense, which buys you and your family expert assistance with all the relevant procedure, with more than 10 years of immigration experience and VIP service.

Interested? Find out more!

The changes to the program described above might come into effect as early as in July. We will let you know as soon as it happens. Until then, watch this space!

If you do not want to wait for the new law, please write to our immigration expert and key account manager Mo Shaban to, and ask what other options you have in applying for fast track Schengen visa for yourself and your family. We will be happy to answer all your questions in a free consultation.

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Hungarian residency bond refund
Hungarian residency bond refund and residency renewal

Became eligible for Hungarian permanent residency through the purchase of Hungarian government bonds? Then check on your investment agency and make sure to renew your permit.

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