HELPERS، که در سال 2004 تأسیس شده است، پیشگام درارائه خدمات بیزینسی و مهاجرت در مجارستان است.

Investment opportunities in Hungary – with your most trusted Helpers!

اکتبر 10, 2016

Our aim has always been to provide tailored solutions to those who want to live and / or do business in Hungary. Our main services included everything related to Hungarian company formation and resident permit application. Since business setup already involves the investment of a bigger sum in your future, naturally enough, our services also included investment opportunities, and our provider network also included some investment advisors.

After more than ten years in business, we have finally reached the point where we can already offer investment opportunities in fully fledged service packages. This way now we can provide even more convenient and transparent services. Whether you would like to join a franchise, buy real estate, or get residency through your investment, we can surely help you find the opportunity that suits your ideas the most.

Investment opportunities in Hungary

Helpers currently offers information, guidance, and expert assistance in the following investment categories:

  • Franchise opportunities. If you want to open a company which will surely be a success, join a local franchise.
  • Property investment. Learn all you need to know about the real estate market in Hungary.
  • Budapest apartments. Need a place to stay? Or want a flat to rent? You have found the right partner for it.
  • Commercial real estate. Office spaces, hotels, restaurants – and other off-market deals, waiting to earn you money.
  • Property management. Why worry about what’s happening to the real estate you have just purchased? Ask for help from the best.
  • Investment immigration. Purchase government bonds and get permanent residency for yourself and your whole family.

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Hungarian residency bond refund
Hungarian residency bond refund and residency renewal

Became eligible for Hungarian permanent residency through the purchase of Hungarian government bonds? Then check on your investment agency and make sure to renew your permit.

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