2023 tax changes in Hungary

ژانویه 11, 2023

Are you an expat living, working, or doing business in Hungary? Then it is best if you keep an eye on changes to regulations in case any of them are relevant to you. Read on to get a quick overview of tax changes in 2023.

Global minimum tax accepted in the EU

At the end on 2022, Hungary finally agreed to the introduction of the 15% global minimum tax in the EU, which is supposed to come into force starting from 2024. It will affect only corporations with a yearly revenue above EUR 750 million. Corporate tax for small and medium sized companies in Hungary remains 9%. Click here to learn more.

Minimum wage increased by 15%

In Hungary, a minimum wage is defined to ensure everyone working makes a living wage. It is adjusted every year for inflation, and this year it has been increased by ca. 15%. As of 1 January 2023, minimum wage for positions that require no secondary education is currently HUF 232,000, while the guaranteed minimum salary for positions that require at least a high school diploma is HUF 296,400. Click here to learn more.

No more SZÉP Card pockets

The SZÉP Card is one of the most popular fringe benefits in Hungary. It lets employers provide “non-salary compensation” to employees at a favorable tax rate while boosting domestic tourism. Up till now, the SZÉP Card used to have three sub-accounts or “pockets” for accommodation, hot meals, and leisure activities. As of 9 January 2023, there is only one unified account on each SZÉP Card, while sums previously wired to the various pockets can be used with every provider that accepts this payment method, regardless of what is purchased. Click here to learn more.

Flat-rate taxation

Flat-rate taxation is currently one of the most popular tax regimes among freelancers. It lets them declare a certain percentage of their income as their expenses instead of meticulously collecting invoices and calculating costs. The main changes to this scheme are caused by the increase of the minimum wage which influences both the monthly minimum contributions and the tax-exempt income threshold, while the newly introduced quarterly reporting evens out taxes for freelancers whose income is not regular. Click here to learn more.

Local business tax

Local business tax depends on where the seat of a business is registered as the tax is defined by each municipality separately. It can be between 0-2% of the revenue of the business. Starting from 2023, business may choose to pay the local business tax according to a revenue-based tier system instead of precise calculation. Click here to learn more.

Billing and invoicing

While invoices can currently be issued either on paper or electronically, the status of bills are not that simple. The latest legislation, however, paves the way for issuing bills electronically too. Watch this space for updates.

Real estate

VAT for newly built residential property is currently only 5%, and it will remain so for at least another 2 years. It will apply to projects where the construction permit is issued by 31 December 2024.

At the same time, CSOK, the home purchase subsidy for families is becoming available not only for building new homes but also for building extensions to existing ones. Relevant tax exemptions are also extended.

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Donate 1+1% of your personal income tax in Hungary
Don’t forget to donate your 1% personal income tax

The deadline to report your personal income tax in Hungary is coming up: 21 May 2024, Tuesday. At the same time, you can also donate 1+1% of your taxes. This costs you nothing, and you can support a good cause.

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