HELPERS is Hiring!

ژانویه 3, 2014

HELPERS is a dynamically developing local enterprise that provides a wide range of services for foreigners living, working or doing business in Hungary. For more information about what we do and who we are, please browse

We now have a position open for full-time “Sales representative / Relationship manager”, to be filled in January 2014. The responsibilities are as follows:
• Track and follow up client enquiries via email, telephone or meetings
• Stay informed on HELPERS services and products, and convey this information to interested clients
• Manage our sales channels, and keep communications about products/services updated
• Expand and manage our network of reselling agents and affiliates worldwide
• Work with our account managers to inform existing client base of new products/services/offers

Our ideal candidate will have the following qualities and qualifications:
• Excellent spoken and written English, and preferably other languages as well (Hungarian is not required)
• Professional, confident communication skills, and an ability to communicate well with a wide variety of people
• International experience, personal or professional, and a generally cosmopolitan attitude
• Tolerant, open-minded and non-judgmental mentality
• Minimum 3-5 years’ relevant work experience (where “relevant” is used flexibly)
• Solid understanding of the basic concepts of business and finance (no formal training is required)

Applicants should send an English-language CV and cover letter to:
Barbara Ürögdi (Managing Director).

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Helpers moves to a new office – see you in Budapart

After spending 10 years at the Buda Business Center, the Helpers Office is moving to Budapart, the new business district rising in the southern part of Budapest.

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Christmas charity at Helpers Hungary
Holidays and Christmas charity at Helpers

Helpers is closing for the holidays. Our last working day is 23 December, and we open again on 4 January. In our Christmas charity project, we have donated to various NGOs selected by our staff.

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