Holidays and Christmas charity at Helpers

دسامبر 20, 2020

2020 has been an extraordinary year, with lots of unexpected challenges and unforeseen obstacles. At the end of such a year, everyone deserves some treat and some time to rest and recharge for the year to come.

Holidays at Helpers

The Helpers Team worked really hard throughout the year to meet all challenges, and we will now close for the holidays to relax and recharge between Christmas and New Year, just as we do every year.

  • Last working day: 23 December, Wednesday
  • First working day: 4 January, Monday

After the holidays, we will be happy to answer your enquiries again and proceed with all the procedures already started.

Christmas charity drive

Christmas is the time of giving. Like every year, Helpers uses this opportunity to support a good cause – or rather, several good causes. This year instead of supporting one organization with a major donation, both Helpers Hungary and Helpers Finance will donate smaller amounts to NGOs selected by our colleagues. These organizations are as diverse as our own staff – take a look at our selection, and consider donating to a cause you feel close to. Donation to an NGO with a “public benefit purpose” may even decrease your tax base (more about this below).

Háttér Society

Háttér (“Background”) Society provides all kind of support to people struggling with their identity, sexual orientation, and accepting themselves in a world that seems to not have a place for them. They also conduct research and provide education.

Hand in Hand Foundation

Hand in Hand Foundation helps people with disabilities, including people with mental problems and coming from a disadvantaged background. They do this by direct help in their daily life and by promoting their cause to the general public.

Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation

This “school in the city center” provides alternative education to young people aged 16-25 who became or were on the way to becoming high-school dropouts because they did not fit regular education, giving them a second chance at getting a high-school diploma.

The Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Foundation

The largest animal shelter in Hungary operates on a 5ha area at the edge of Budapest, rescuing abandoned, tortured and abused animals since 1992. They take care of all kinds of animals with the help of volunteers, looking for new owners, and providing a loving home to those that are not adopted.

Ferences Alapítvány

The “Franciscan Foundation” has several projects from providing scholarships to high-school students through supporting people with mental health issues, ADHD or autism to distributing meals to the homeless and those in need. 

Magyar Lelki Elsősegély Telefonszolgálatok Szövetsége

The volunteers at the society of Hungarian mental health hotlines are always available, helping callers through crises in their lives so they can find the strength to overcome difficulties, and this way preventing suicides.

Real Pearl Foundation

The main focus of the foundation working in Eastern Hungary is on teaching art to local children – and through that, soft skills that are necessary for a better life, like a love for learning, patience, endurance, the significance of practice, etc, while also bringing joy and the feeling of achievement.

Karma Kutyamenedék Alapítvány

This dog shelter operating in Farmos is run by a very dedicated couple, who have found forever homes for more than 80 dogs just last year. One of our colleagues adopted their beloved dog from here.

Fehér Holló Wildlife Rescue Foundation

They do the most incredible work for sick, injured or abused wild animals of all shapes and sizes in Hungary. Moreover, their Facebook posts are not only informative about wildlife in Hungary, but often also funny and cute.

Várva Várt Alapítvány

The “Much Awaited” Foundation supports mothers and families who would like to keep and raise their babies instead of aborting them, but they need financial, material and emotional support to take the responsibility.

Ovisport Alapítvány

The foundation for sports in kindergarten supports the physical education of pre-school children while also providing the pedagogical training necessary for giving such an education to children.

Adománytaxi Alapítvány

The “Charity Taxi Foundation” helps people living in extreme poverty in small villages by collecting unwanted goods, mainly clothes from people living in Budapest and distributing them during monthly trips to these villages with their volunteers.

Being charitable is good for your company

Apart from giving back to the society through your CSR activities, donating to NGOs can help your company by reducing the corporate tax base.

  • If it is a single donation, the corporate tax base is reduced by 20% of the donation.
  • If it is a regular donation with a contract, the yearly corporate tax base is reduced by 40% of the yearly donation.

You just need a verification from the NGO that they operate “for the benefit of the public” (meaning they are a “közhasznú szervezet”).

Consider giving back to the community this Christmas, and donate to a good cause.

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Donate 1+1% of your personal income tax in Hungary
Don’t forget to donate your 1% personal income tax

The deadline to report your personal income tax in Hungary is coming up: 21 May 2024, Tuesday. At the same time, you can also donate 1+1% of your taxes. This costs you nothing, and you can support a good cause.

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Helpers moves to a new office – see you in Budapart

After spending 10 years at the Buda Business Center, the Helpers Office is moving to Budapart, the new business district rising in the southern part of Budapest.

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