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Hungarian Investment Citizenship

ژوئن 6, 2014

The Hungarian residency bond program is a safe, EUR 250,000 investment program for a period of 5 years that provides residency, and eventually citizenship in Hungary for all investors and their families. The Hungarian program is the cheapest on the market, since for the EUR 250,000 investment into government bonds, participants only have to pay EUR 40,000 as processing fee. Moreover, all those who apply in June will receive a special, EUR 2,000 discount!

The Hungarian government bond program is sometimes also called Hungarian investment citizenship program. However, this latter name is not fully correct, as participants first gain residency in Hungary, thus in the Schengen zone. This will be a permanent resident permit, which is valid not only for the next five years, the period of the investment, but for good – it only has to be renewed periodically. At the moment, you can apply for Hungarian citizenship if you have a permanent resident permit for some time. Right now, this is the fastest way to a European passport!

The fee structure is the following:

  • Hungarian Residency Bond Investment: EUR 250,000 – to be fully returned at the end of the fifth year.
  • Government processing fee: EUR 40,000 – the cheapest on the market.

Hungarian Investment Citizenship Program is the easiest way to Schengen residency.

The processing fee includes the services of the investment agency, lawyers handling the investment, and HELPERS VIP assistance throughout the process.

Please click here for more information on Hungarian investment citizenship program, call Helpers office on +36.1.317.8570, or send a letter to Mo Shaban to for free investment citizenship information.

UPDATE: with 1 January 2015, the face value of the investment has been increased to EUR 300,000.

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