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Get payroll tax relief and reduce payroll taxes in Hungary

How to reduce payroll taxes in Hungary?

چهارشنبه, 23 نوامبر, 2016

Authorities let companies reduce payroll taxes if they employ workforce who have difficulties entering the labor market. Members of the listed groups may prove as eager, skilled, and earnest employees as anyone else, while employing them grants you significant payroll tax relief.

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Immigrate to Europe from the US

How to immigrate to Europe from the US?

چهارشنبه, 9 نوامبر, 2016

If you want to visit Europe, you only need your passport, and you will be granted entry to the Schengen zone without questions. However, if you would come to stay, that’s a different story.

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When do you need a Hungarian residence permit or a work permit?

Residence Permit vs. Work Permit: Understanding the Difference

پنج‌شنبه, 3 نوامبر, 2016

Hungary is extremely welcoming to newcomers, but it is important to follow all of the regulations to the letter. Depending on the circumstances of your immigration, you might need a residence permit, a work permit, or both.

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