ماه: دسامبر 2021

White card for digital nomads in Hungary

White card: residency for digital nomads in Hungary

جمعه, 17 دسامبر, 2021

Starting from 2022, a new purpose of stay may become available to those who want to live and work in Hungary. Digital nomads will be able to apply for a “white card”, which is a special type of residency designed specifically for them. Find out how it will work once introduced.

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Hungarian residency for UK citizens living in Hungary after Brexit

Brexit: Last call to UK citizens living in Hungary

سه‌شنبه, 7 دسامبر, 2021

UK citizens can apply for a Hungarian national permanent residence permit until the end of 2021. You can base your application on your prolonged stay in Hungary, which can be verified simply by your EU registration card.

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Bank holidays in Hungary in 2022

Bank holidays in 2022 Hungary

چهارشنبه, 1 دسامبر, 2021

If you operate a business in Hungary, you should be aware of bank holidays, when employees are not required to work normal working hours, and customers usually do not expect normal business hours. There are 13 of these each year, sometimes supplemented by extra rest days to create 4-day long weekends.

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