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Property sale in Hungary

Property sale in Hungary: How to sell your apartment as an expat?

پنج‌شنبه, 24 آگوست, 2023

To sell your Hungarian apartment, you will need a lawyer to create the contract between you and your buyer and to submit it to the land registry. You might also be required to pay a 15% personal income tax after the deal – however, this property sale tax might be reduced to zero in various cases.

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Courtesy agreement in Hungary

Courtesy agreement of accommodation for your Hungarian residence permit

پنج‌شنبه, 17 آگوست, 2023

When you apply for the Hungarian residence permit, you need to indicate where you are going to live. Most people rent a home for themselves, but staying with a friend is also an option. The courtesy agreement is the document you can present to the immigration office instead of a rental agreement.

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