Рубрика: Гражданство Венгрии

Family tree research in Hungary

Family tree research in Hungary

Четверг, 8 сентября, 2022

Need someone to recover old family documents that connect you to your Hungarian ancestors? Look no further! Our family tree research team is here to help.

Repatriate to Hungary - become a Hungarian citizen

Repatriate to Hungary – Get citizenship by ancestry

Понедельник, 3 июня, 2019

Anyone whose parents, grandparents or other ancestors were Hungarian citizens can easily repatriate to Hungary thanks to the option of getting citizenship by ancestry. Are you eligible?


Stay in the EU after Brexit: EU citizenship for UK citizens in Hungary

Понедельник, 9 июля, 2018

Since the vote on Brexit, many British citizens are looking for a second, EU citizenship in order to keep their privileges as citizens of the European Union, including the right to live, travel, and do business in the EU. While Germany is by far the most popular destination, Hungary is most popular in Central Europe.


Become a Hungarian Citizen thanks to your heritage

Четверг, 1 марта, 2018

Are your parents, grandparents, or other ancestors from Hungary? Do you want to become a citizen of an EU member state with great infrastructure and a thousand years old culture located in the heart of Europe? Read on to learn why you should and how you can become a Hungarian citizen.


The Hungarian passport is the 10th strongest in the world

Четверг, 1 февраля, 2018

Henley and Partners, a global leader in residence and citizenship planning, each year analyzes passport strength around the world. They count how many countries you can access visa-free if you hold a given passport, and rank passports accordingly.

When do you need a Hungarian residence permit or a work permit?

Residence Permit vs. Work Permit: Understanding the Difference

Четверг, 3 ноября, 2016

Hungary is extremely welcoming to newcomers, but it is important to follow all of the regulations to the letter. Depending on the circumstances of your immigration, you might need a residence permit, a work permit, or both.


The basics of the Hungarian citizenship procedure

Среда, 27 июля, 2016

If you want to apply for Hungarian citizenship, you need to check several things before you can start the citizenship procedure. These include checking the regulations in your country of origin as well as meeting some conditions that make you eligible for Hungarian citizenship.

Hungarian Permanent Residency program even more attractive from July 2016

Венгерская программа выдачи ПМЖ в обмен на инвестиции стала еще привлекательнее

Четверг, 30 июня, 2016

Вы можете уже знать, что венгерская программа выдачи ПМЖ в обмен на инвестиции является одной из самых популярных в Европе. Парламент Венгрии принял новый закон, который делает эту иммиграционную программу еще привлекательнее для инвесторов.

Learn more about the benefits of Hungarian citizenship

The Benefits of Hungarian citizenship

Пятница, 12 февраля, 2016

Hungarian citizenship offers more possibilities than you could imagine. Live or work anywhere in the EU or the EFTA, visit any country in the world easily, either without a visa or with simplified visa application procedure.

What is the difference between EU citizenship and European citizenship

What you need to know about EU citizenship

Четверг, 28 января, 2016

The so called “EU citizenship” in fact means citizenship of any of the member states of the EU. British citizenship means EU citizenship just as much as German citizenship or Bulgarian citizenship – or Hungarian citizenship, for that matter.

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