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Bank holidays in Hungary in 2019

Понедельник, 7 Январь, 2019

In 2019, many bank holidays will be on a Wednesday, in the middle of the week. At the same time, if the holiday falls on any other day, Hungarian people usually prefer to have long weekends in exchange for a Saturday that would otherwise be a rest day.


Whitelist the @helpers.hu email domain and get all our letters on time

Понедельник, 10 Сентябрь, 2018

Whitelisting is especially important with business partners who are likely to send you attachments and links, since these items might trigger the protective algorithms of mailing programs to mark a letter as spam, even if the sender is not included in their blacklist of scammers.


Рабочее разрешение в Венгрии для сотрудников вашей компании

Вторник, 4 Сентябрь, 2018

Если вы планируете переместить свой бизнес в Венгрию вместе с сотрудниками, мы поможем вам с документами. Вашим сотрудникам понадобится рабочее разрешение, и мы поможем с его оформлением.


Simplified employment in Hungary: Hiring temporary workers

Четверг, 30 Август, 2018

If your company does not need a regular employee, but there are tasks with which you need assistance from time to time, you might want to consider hiring a temporary worker – which is referred to as simplified employment in Hungary.


Stay in the EU after Brexit: EU citizenship for UK citizens in Hungary

Понедельник, 9 Июль, 2018

Since the vote on Brexit, many British citizens are looking for a second, EU citizenship in order to keep their privileges as citizens of the European Union, including the right to live, travel, and do business in the EU. While Germany is by far the most popular destination, Hungary is most popular in Central Europe.


Why to have a bank account for each currency you do trade in?

Четверг, 12 Апрель, 2018

If you have a Hungarian company, you probably have at least two or three bank accounts. But why exactly do you need them? Company bank accounts defined by currency The most important feature of a bank account is its currency. Nothing is simpler than re


Easy Hungarian work-permit and residency for employees from Serbia and Ukraine

Понедельник, 19 Март, 2018

Operating a Hungarian company? Planning to employ workers from Serbia or Ukraine? Depending on their profession, your new employees might be able to apply for a Hungarian work permit and residency in a preferential procedure.


Stay in Hungary after you graduate: “Study-to-work” residence permit

Пятница, 9 Март, 2018

Are you studying in Hungary as an international student? Have you ever wondered if you could stay in Hungary after you graduate? Just find a work or start a business in Hungary – you have 9 month for that with the new “study-to-work” residence permit.


Become a Hungarian Citizen thanks to your heritage

Четверг, 1 Март, 2018

Are your parents, grandparents, or other ancestors from Hungary? Do you want to become a citizen of an EU member state with great infrastructure and a thousand years old culture located in the heart of Europe? Read on to learn why you should and how you can become a Hungarian citizen.


European student visa

Вторник, 20 Февраль, 2018

There are many ways to get EU residency that grants you free travel in the Schengen zone. A European student visa is just one of the options, but if you are eager to learn, that’s a great opportunity to set your foot in the door of Europe.

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