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When to switch from family unification to work permit in Hungary

Work permit and family unification in Hungary: when to switch?

Понедельник, 16 августа, 2021

Family unification lets the third-country national spouse and underage children of the main residency holder move to Hungary. However, with time the spouse may wish to start working too. How to do it right?

Foreign employees at your Hungarian company

How many foreigners can your Hungarian company employ?

Среда, 21 июля, 2021

The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs recently made an announcement that the Parliament has decided to raise the limit on the number of third-country nationals a foreign-owned Hungarian company can employ. But what does this mean for your company in Hungary?

Intra Corporate Transfer work permit Hungary

Bringing employees to Hungary – Work permit or Intra Corporate Transfer?

Пятница, 14 февраля, 2020

If the employee is a national of a non-EU country and is entering the EU for their temporary deputation, they will need a work permit. In some special cases, the employee might apply for an intra corporate transfer permit, which offers added benefits to both employer and employee.


How to hire foreign workers in Hungary

Вторник, 13 ноября, 2018

When you want to hire foreign workers in Hungary, your new employees will need certain documents that enable them to work for you – some documents of their own, and some to be obtained from Hungarian authorities.


Hungarian work permit – what to watch out for as a foreigner working in Hungary?

Понедельник, 5 ноября, 2018

Are you a non-EU citizen staying in Hungary based on your employment? Then you have already obtained your Hungarian work permit. Awesome! Now here are some simple rules to abide by while you are living and working in Hungary.


Рабочее разрешение в Венгрии для сотрудников вашей компании

Вторник, 4 сентября, 2018

Если вы планируете переместить свой бизнес в Венгрию вместе с сотрудниками, мы поможем вам с документами. Вашим сотрудникам понадобится рабочее разрешение, и мы поможем с его оформлением.


Easy Hungarian work-permit and residency for employees from Serbia and Ukraine

Понедельник, 19 марта, 2018

Operating a Hungarian company? Planning to employ workers from Serbia or Ukraine? Depending on their profession, your new employees might be able to apply for a Hungarian work permit and residency in a preferential procedure.

Immigrate to Europe from the US

How to immigrate to Europe from the US?

Среда, 9 ноября, 2016

If you want to visit Europe, you only need your passport, and you will be granted entry to the Schengen zone without questions. However, if you would come to stay, that’s a different story.

When do you need a Hungarian residence permit or a work permit?

Residence Permit vs. Work Permit: Understanding the Difference

Четверг, 3 ноября, 2016

Hungary is extremely welcoming to newcomers, but it is important to follow all of the regulations to the letter. Depending on the circumstances of your immigration, you might need a residence permit, a work permit, or both.


How do you calculate salary and contributions in Hungary? – Employment in Hungary

Среда, 20 июля, 2016

The gross salary is what you agree on with your new hire. Employees pay taxes and contributions from that, so in the end they receive only their net salary. Your company also pays contributions, and the sum an employee actually costs you is called super gross salary.

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