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A Helpers success story: Barako café teams up with Pagony, Budapest’s top children’s bookshop

13 апреля, 2016

Ryan’s legendary coffee now available at Pagony Café

The owner of Barako café, Ryan Andres came from the Philippines with his family to bring exquisite coffee to those thirsty for this stimulating brew in Hungary. He opened his shop a couple of years ago in Budapest, near the Buda side end of the Margit híd (Török utca 3), and has become a top favourite among the coffee connoisseurs since then. Now his delicious coffee will be served at Pagony Café as well.

Barako café, the home of Barako coffee

“Barako” is a special coffee from the Philippines, which Ryan imports directly from hand-picked producers. In his shop, Barako café, you will surely find the drink that fits your taste, whether you are thirsty for an espresso, a cappuccino, a latte, or a “red eye” which will surely keep you awake. The shop is nice and cosy, perfect to enjoy your coffee in peace, either in the morning or in the afternoon. Sometimes even the Helpers staff pops in: we assisted Ryan with company formation and resident permit application to help him get started in Hungary, and to this date we drop by for a coffee and a chat whenever we get a chance.

Pagony Café – please do drink and read

What could be better than enjoying a coffee while reading a good book? Now you can do both at Pagony Café, which is opening in the Pagony children’s bookshop near Gellért tér (11th district, Bartók Béla út 5). The Café will offer coffee, tea, cakes, cookies – what you regularly get in a café. The management of Pagony selected their suppliers with special care in order to guarantee their customers get the best drinks and food while they peep into the selected books or wait for their friends or family to choose their next favourite book from the shelves.

We’re really excited and happy that Barako has been chosen as the coffee supplier. This way, once guests have found a book for themselves, they will surely be able to continue the day energized and content. This marks the beginning of just the type of fruitful cooperation Helpers promotes: the discerning clientele of Pagony will have a chance to sample coffee that is truly unique and amazing, while Barako will gain wider exposure and expand its reach by showcasing its excellent product in a whole new setting.

Meet us at the opening

Pagony Café is opening on the 22nd of April. The party starts at 6 pm. Guests of honour will include Veronika Marék, the author of various children’s books, and poet Zsófi Kemény. Music will be provided by Kristóf Darvas and Gabi Both. Special offers will also be available at the Café – make sure to try the cupcakes!

For more information, check out the Facebook event, and watch the page for more information. See you at the opening!

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