Месяц: Июнь 2014

Find out about Taxation in Hungary

Hungary Taxation — Accountancy quick guide

Четверг, 19 июня, 2014

Taxation can be a complex matter. In order to best assist you, however, we need to understand the basics of your business operation. Still, you may find the following list of basic corporate taxes useful.


Hungarian Zero Vat Invoices — Accountancy quick guide

Четверг, 19 июня, 2014

When you start your company in Hungary and issue your own invoices towards your clients, you will charge VAT only towards individual (retail) buyers. However, if you are an international trader, you may not charge VAT at all.

Get your Blue Card through Hungary

Blue Card Application – Get a European Residence Permit now

Четверг, 12 июня, 2014

The easiest way towards a Hungarian residence permit is through setting up and running a company in Hungary. Also, now the Hungarian government is offering the opportunity for any nationalities to invest EUR 250,000 into government bonds.


Hungarian Investment Citizenship

Пятница, 6 июня, 2014

The Hungarian government bond program is sometimes also called Hungarian investment citizenship program. However, participants first gain residency in Hungary, and can apply for Hungarian citizenship only after a few years.


Hungarian Residency Bond Program

Вторник, 3 июня, 2014

Hungary has recently introduced a program granting permanent Schengen residency to investors. Through the Hungarian Residency Bond Program, all nationalities are eligible to receive a permanent resident permit.