Месяц: Май 2022

Forwarding representative in Hungary

Forwarding representative and seat provider in Hungary: What’s the difference?

Среда, 25 мая, 2022

The registered seat service is relevant for companies. It is most like a rental service, where a provider offers your Hungarian company an address it can use as its own. The forwarding representative is relevant for the persons owning and operating the company.

Company formation in Central Europe

Company formation in Central Europe

Среда, 18 мая, 2022

Check out our new website that offers company formation in Central Europe, compare the most important factors, and make an informed decision that will suit your business the most.

Attracting third-country talent to the EU

New proposal to attract third-country talent and skills to the EU

Среда, 11 мая, 2022

Recently the European Commission has proposed an update to EU migration policy. The revision aims to make moving to the EU more attractive to third-country talent as well as streamline legal migration.

Localize your driver's license in Hungary

Localizing and renewing your driver’s license in Hungary

Пятница, 6 мая, 2022

To drive in Hungary, you need a driver’s license. But when can you use your own, how to localize your license, or how to renew your expiring document? Read on to find out.