Месяц: Апрель 2023

donate one per cent of your Hungarian personal income tax

What are all those 1% billboards about?

Среда, 26 апреля, 2023

Wherever you go in Hungary these days, you will see billboards asking for your 1%. But what do they mean? Well, they are asking you donate 1% of your personal income tax, which you can do now that the tax returns season is coming up. And how does that work?

Foreign-owned companies in Hungary

Foreign-owned companies in Hungary in numbers

Среда, 19 апреля, 2023

Foreign-owned companies have been contributing massively to Hungarian economy over the last fifteen years. Get an overview of what this means in numbers, and consider how your business might fit a niche on the Hungarian market.

self-employed in Hungary

How to become self-employed in Hungary?

Среда, 12 апреля, 2023

Being self-employed in Hungary gives you the flexibility to decide when and how much you work for who. But is it really for you? Get a quick overview of what to watch out for before you take the first step.

Become a freelancer in Hungary

10+1 things to consider before becoming a freelancer in Hungary

Среда, 5 апреля, 2023

Are you already a resident of Hungary? Currently employed and want to do something else on the side? Followed your spouse on family unification and want to work, but you do not have a work permit yet? Becoming a freelancer in Hungary might be the way. Have a summary of aspects to consider.