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Subsidiary, branch office, commercial representative office

Subsidiary, branch office and commercial representative office in Hungary

Пятница, 22 мая, 2020

When you want to start doing business in Hungary, you might want not to create an individual LLC but set up an outpost of your foreign company, which can be a branch office or a commercial representative office.

IMF forecast for Hungary 2020 and 2021

Hungarian economy still strong according to IMF outlook

Четверг, 16 апреля, 2020

In the latest forecast published by the IMF, Hungary is listed among the economically strongest EU member states, with the least expected GDP loss in 2020, and an impressive comeback in 2021.

economic activities at a Hungarian company

Possible economic activities at your Hungarian company

Среда, 8 апреля, 2020

Discuss TEÁOR codes with your account manager when planning the company formation, so you can submit the right codes to the registry. You will need to revisit the concept of TEÁOR codes only if you want to alter or expand the range of economic activities of your company.

Power of attorney attestation Hungary

How to properly get a Power of Attorney attested?

Понедельник, 30 марта, 2020

A Power of Attorney (or a POA in short) is an official document through which you can authorize persons or entities to act in your name. However, if you want the Power of Attorney to be recognized by all authorities internationally, you will need it attested.

Benefits of Hungarian company formation

The benefits of Hungarian company formation

Вторник, 17 декабря, 2019

Are you wondering where you should open a company in Europe? Choose Hungary! Opening an LLC in Hungary is simple and fast, so it offers a time- and cost-effective solution when moving your business operation to Europe.


Cégkapu: What is the “company gate” in Hungary and why do I need it?

Вторник, 30 октября, 2018

The “company gate” is an electronic storage where official mail sent to your company is always accessible. Whenever you get an official letter, a notification is sent to your indicated email address. You can then log in to the company gate and view the message.


How does VAT in Hungary change in 2018?

Четверг, 18 января, 2018

VAT regulations in Hungary are amended each year to adapt to the changing economical environment. Learn about the 2018 VAT reduction and other new regulations regarding invoices with a high VAT content.

New company formation prices even more tailored to your needs

Company formation – Tailored to your needs

Вторник, 17 октября, 2017

Helpers is a one-stop-shop for business services. We offer assistance in company formation, starting from chamber registration through providing registered seat to accountancy. Now we have introduced a new pricing scheme to better accommodate your needs.


How do I find a business for sale in Hungary?

Среда, 12 апреля, 2017

In many European countries, buying an already established company is the best and fastest way to start business. In Hungary, however, it is fast and easy to incorporate your own company. This makes founding your own company a better solution than finding an already existing business for sale in Hungary.

A corporate bank account in Hungary for your newly set-up company

Open your corporate bank account in Hungary

Пятница, 7 апреля, 2017

The banking system of Hungary is much more up to date than in many countries in Western Europe. You can open accounts in all major currencies including EUR, GBP and USD. It is advisable to also have a HUF account to pay taxes and contributions from. Exchanging currencies between your own accounts is affordable and available via internet banking.

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