Месяц: Сентябрь 2020

Business etiquette Hungary

Business etiquette for foreigners in Hungary

Понедельник, 28 сентября, 2020

If you want to build lasting and fruitful business relationships locally, you should get familiar with basic business etiquette in Hungary. Show your respect towards your partners by being well-dressed, punctual, and polite.

COVID-19 measures Hungary September 2020

COVID-19 measures in Hungary in September 2020

Понедельник, 21 сентября, 2020

New measures from the middle of September include limiting the price of the PCR tests, reducing the time to spend in quarantine, and introducing fines for those not wearing a mask where it is compulsory.

EU registration card Hungary

How – and why – to get an EU registration card in Hungary

Пятница, 4 сентября, 2020

If you are an EU citizen already living in Hungary, get your EU registration card and address card as soon as possible, and cross the border more easily even during the partial travel ban.