Рубрика: Семейные и учебные визы

Stay in Hungary after you graduate: “Study-to-work” residence permit

Пятница, 9 марта, 2018

Are you studying in Hungary as an international student? Have you ever wondered if you could stay in Hungary after you graduate? Just find a work or start a business in Hungary – you have 9 month for that with the new “study-to-work” residence permit.


European student visa

Вторник, 20 февраля, 2018

There are many ways to get EU residency that grants you free travel in the Schengen zone. A European student visa is just one of the options, but if you are eager to learn, that’s a great opportunity to set your foot in the door of Europe.


Hungarian student visa

Пятница, 16 февраля, 2018

With a Hungarian student visa, not only you can come to Hungary to enjoy the benefits of Hungarian higher education, but you can also use it to visit any of the Schengen countries while you are here in Europe.

Hungarian Permanent Residency program even more attractive from July 2016

Венгерская программа выдачи ПМЖ в обмен на инвестиции стала еще привлекательнее

Четверг, 30 июня, 2016

Вы можете уже знать, что венгерская программа выдачи ПМЖ в обмен на инвестиции является одной из самых популярных в Европе. Парламент Венгрии принял новый закон, который делает эту иммиграционную программу еще привлекательнее для инвесторов.

Choose from one of the Universities in Hungary and come study in Europe

Study in Europe – Find universities in Hungary

Пятница, 5 февраля, 2016

Hungary is a beautiful place to visit if you are a tourist, but it is also one of the most popular destinations of people who want to study in Europe. Follow your dreams and study in one of the several renowned universities in Hungary, and secure a bright future for yourself.

Immigration to Hungary in light of the recent migrant crisis

Immigration to Hungary in light of the recent ‘migrant crisis’ – Will it affect you?

Четверг, 17 сентября, 2015

Due to Hungary’s recent presence in international news in relation to Europe’s influx of refugees, many of our clients and partners have expressed concern and contacted us with questions. Discover some facts about the recent situation.

Student Visa Hungary

Student Visa in Hungary

Понедельник, 9 марта, 2015

Want to learn in Europe? Come to Hungary. Several universities and colleges offer top-notch programs in English, so you will surely find the education you look for.