A mi szakmánkban elengedhetetlen, hogy mindig ismerjük a legfrissebb törvényeket és trendeket, és hogy figyelemmel kísérjük a bevándorlási törvények és a társasági jog alakulásait. A Helpers ügyfeleit mindig naprakész információkkal támogatja, így fel sem merülhet, hogy lemaradjanak valamiről.

Híreink között számos olyan cikk szerepel, melyek témája Önt is érdekelheti, úgy mint: bevándorlási törvények és programok, üzleti és adózási újdonságok, valamint praktikus tanácsok a magyarországi (üzleti) élettel kapcsolatban. Reméljük, hasznosnak fogja találni őket!

KGFB is mandatory MTPL in Hungary

KGFB: motor third-party liability insurance in Hungary

kedd, 31 október, 2023

Motor third party liability insurance is required for every motor vehicle running on public roads in Hungary. This type of insurance is called KGFB in Hungarian, and you can switch providers once a year: in November.

EES and ETIAS launch postponed again

ETIAS and EES: new timeline announced for European border control

szerda, 25 október, 2023

The ETIAS and the EES are electronic administrative systems that were meant to provide better European border control. Their introduction has again been pushed back, this time to the end of 2024.

Budapest expats - census 2022

Budapest: a multicultural city – Census 2022 results

szerda, 18 október, 2023

According to the results of the last census, the number of foreign nationals living in Budapest as well as Hungary has been growing steadily over the last 20 years. In some of the more popular districts, almost a quarter of the residents are foreigners.

Heating at the office in Hungary

Heating at the office – winter work safety in Hungary

csütörtök, 5 október, 2023

While fall is warm and mild this year, we are already in the season where heaters will inevitably be switched on all over Hungary. Since temperature is an essential element of an appropriate working environment, heating at the office will play an important role in the health as well as the productivity of your employees.

Hungary allows multiple citizenships

Does Hungary allow multiple citizenships?

szerda, 27 szeptember, 2023

Yes, Hungary allows not only dual, but also multiple citizenships. There is no limit on the number of countries you can be a citizen of beside Hungarian citizenship. However, there is a few things you should watch out for.

Do I get a refund on my pension payments in Hungary

Do I get a refund on my taxes intended to cover pension payments upon leaving Hungary?

szerda, 20 szeptember, 2023

If you leave Hungary before you reach retirement age, you do not get a refund on these taxes. However, you will be compensated depending on where you retire.

Update your address on your Hungarian accommodation slip

Update your address on your Hungarian accommodation slip

szerda, 13 szeptember, 2023

Citizens have an address card to state where they live, while third country nationals have an accommodation slip. If you move to a new place, your data should be updated with the Immigration Office. Starting from this year, you can do that fully online.

Renew your expiring TAJ card – Social security in Hungary

Renew your expiring TAJ card – Social security in Hungary

csütörtök, 7 szeptember, 2023

Is there an expiration date on your Hungarian social security card? If yes, make sure to get a new TAJ card before it expires so you remain eligible for healthcare services in Hungary.

Property sale in Hungary

Property sale in Hungary: How to sell your apartment as an expat?

csütörtök, 24 augusztus, 2023

To sell your Hungarian apartment, you will need a lawyer to create the contract between you and your buyer and to submit it to the land registry. You might also be required to pay a 15% personal income tax after the deal – however, this property sale tax might be reduced to zero in various cases.

Courtesy agreement in Hungary

Courtesy agreement of accommodation for your Hungarian residence permit

csütörtök, 17 augusztus, 2023

When you apply for the Hungarian residence permit, you need to indicate where you are going to live. Most people rent a home for themselves, but staying with a friend is also an option. The courtesy agreement is the document you can present to the immigration office instead of a rental agreement.

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