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pandemic related restrictions hungary

Further pandemic related restrictions in November in Hungary

Friday, 19 November, 2021

The fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic is on us, so Hungary is introducing further measures to hinder the spread of the disease. The new regulations will come into effect from 20 November 2021 (Saturday).

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Hungary golden visa renewal

Golden visa renewal Hungary

Thursday, 18 November, 2021

If you and your family members have Hungarian residency that you received after purchasing to so called “Residency Bonds”, there is a chance that your Hungarian government bonds will mature soon, and that you should renew your permanent residency.

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The president of Egypt visits Hungary

The President of Egypt visited Budapest

Tuesday, 2 November, 2021

Recently Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, President of Egypt visited Budapest to participate at the meeting of the V4, and he also met Hungarian President János Áder and Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán.

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Hungary pandemic related restrictions November 2021

November updates on pandemic related restrictions in Hungary

Thursday, 28 October, 2021

With the number of new COVID-19 cases slowly climbing again, the government has just announced that new measures are being introduced to hinder the spread of the coronavirus starting from 1 November. Further measures are expected later.

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Coronavirus update Hungary October 2021

Coronavirus update Hungary October 2021

Thursday, 7 October, 2021

While Hungary remains relatively little effected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there have been few changes since our last update in August. For one thing, the state of emergency has been extended again.

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Business gifts in Hungary

Business gifts in Hungary

Wednesday, 22 September, 2021

They say it is better to give than to receive. It is certainly nice to present your business partners with something nice, but what written and unwritten rules pertain to business gifts in Hungary? Let’s find out the basics.

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When to switch from family unification to work permit in Hungary

Work permit and family unification in Hungary: when to switch?

Monday, 16 August, 2021

Family unification lets the third-country national spouse and underage children of the main residency holder move to Hungary. However, with time the spouse may wish to start working too. How to do it right?

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Pandemic related restrictions in Hungary, August 2021

Update on pandemic related restrictions in August in Hungary

Tuesday, 10 August, 2021

With around 60% of the population vaccinated against the coronavirus, Hungary is currently among the safest countries in the EU. In July, most restrictions related to the current pandemic were relaxed, and recently even border crossing was made easier.

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Changes to taxation in Hungary 2022

Changes to taxation in Hungary in 2021 and 2022

Monday, 2 August, 2021

Taxes in Hungary are adjusted every year, and the Parliament has recently decided about the next changes to taxation. Some of them will affect your business in Hungary – find out how!

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Booster shot against coronavirus in Hungary

Getting a booster shot against coronavirus in Hungary

Thursday, 29 July, 2021

Whichever vaccine you got, a booster shot might be useful to prevent you catching any of the new coronavirus variants and infecting others. In line with this, getting a third coronavirus shot will now become possible in Hungary.

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