En un sector como el nuestro, resulta crucial conocer a la perfección las normativas y el mercado local, así como estar al día de los últimos cambios en las leyes de inmigración y actividad empresarial. Como cliente de Helpers, no perderá ninguna oportunidad ni sufrirá ningún retraso por no disponer de la información más actualizada.

Nuestra sección de noticias contiene artículos sobre los temas que más interesan a nuestros clientes, como las leyes y programas de inmigración o las novedades fiscales y empresariales. También proporciona consejos prácticos sobre la vida y los negocios en Hungría. ¡Esperamos que le resulte útil!

Enter Hungary by country category

Entry to Hungary based on where you are coming from: green, yellow or red countries

lunes, 13 julio, 2020

The countries travellers might be arriving from are now categorized as “green”, “yellow”, or “red”, depending on how dangerous they are considered with respect to bringing COVID-19 to Hungary.

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Country categories July 2020

Country categories for entry to Hungary – updated regularly

lunes, 13 julio, 2020

Find out which are the green, yellow, and red countries relevant for entering Hungary as of 15 July 2020.

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FAQ - end of the state of emergency in Hungary 2020

FAQ for the end of the state of emergency in Hungary

martes, 30 junio, 2020

Find the answer to some of the frequently asked questions we received related to our previous article on the end of the state of emergency in Hungary.

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Coronavirus state of emergency in Hungary over

State of emergency over in Hungary, some restrictions remain

jueves, 18 junio, 2020

As of 18 June, the state of emergency in Hungary is officially cancelled. Some limitations remain, like wearing a mask in public transport and in shops, and the travel ban is still only lifted partially. Resident permits and work permits that expired during the state of emergency will expire on 2 August.

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Ecommerce and webshop in Hungary

Aspects to consider before creating a webshop in Hungary

jueves, 28 mayo, 2020

The main sectors currently include electronics, toys, and presents, while the volume of “fast moving consumer goods”, meaning mostly groceries, meals and drinks has also been increasing, especially over the last few months.

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Subsidiary, branch office, commercial representative office

Subsidiary, branch office and commercial representative office in Hungary

viernes, 22 mayo, 2020

When you want to start doing business in Hungary, you might want not to create an individual LLC but set up an outpost of your foreign company, which can be a branch office or a commercial representative office.

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Payroll taxes and contributions reduced in Hungary

Payroll taxes and contributions reduced in Hungary during the pandemic

lunes, 11 mayo, 2020

Part of the economic relief measures in Hungary due to the coronavirus pandemic, some payroll taxes are reduced to help retain employees and heighten job security. The structure of fringe benefits and healthcare contributions also changes.

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Travel ban to Hungary lifted partially

Travel ban to Hungary lifted partially

lunes, 4 mayo, 2020

As of 1 May 2020, citizens of Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and South Korea are allowed to enter Hungary if they travel for business purposes, which must be verified upon request.

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IMF forecast for Hungary 2020 and 2021

Hungarian economy still strong according to IMF outlook

jueves, 16 abril, 2020

In the latest forecast published by the IMF, Hungary is listed among the economically strongest EU member states, with the least expected GDP loss in 2020, and an impressive comeback in 2021.

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economic activities at a Hungarian company

Possible economic activities at your Hungarian company

miércoles, 8 abril, 2020

Discuss TEÁOR codes with your account manager when planning the company formation, so you can submit the right codes to the registry. You will need to revisit the concept of TEÁOR codes only if you want to alter or expand the range of economic activities of your company.

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