En un sector como el nuestro, resulta crucial conocer a la perfección las normativas y el mercado local, así como estar al día de los últimos cambios en las leyes de inmigración y actividad empresarial. Como cliente de Helpers, no perderá ninguna oportunidad ni sufrirá ningún retraso por no disponer de la información más actualizada.

Nuestra sección de noticias contiene artículos sobre los temas que más interesan a nuestros clientes, como las leyes y programas de inmigración o las novedades fiscales y empresariales. También proporciona consejos prácticos sobre la vida y los negocios en Hungría. ¡Esperamos que le resulte útil!

Register at a GP in Hungary

Register at a GP to get vaccinated for the coronavirus in Hungary

viernes, 12 marzo, 2021

For now, getting vaccinated for the coronavirus in Hungary is possible only if you have a Hungarian social security number. If you have that, you will still need to be registered at a GP (general practitioner) to get the vaccine – let us guide you through the whole process.

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Getting vaccinated against the coronavirus in Hungary

Getting vaccinated in Hungary against the coronavirus

viernes, 12 marzo, 2021

If you have a Hungarian social security number and a Hungarian GP, you can simply register online for being vaccinated. There are various vaccines available, and while all are trusted and efficient, you should consult your GP which one is best for you before getting vaccinated.

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Lockdown Hungary March 2021

New lockdown in Hungary in March 2021

jueves, 4 marzo, 2021

At the press conference on 4 March, a new lockdown was announced for Hungary for the next two weeks, with further restrictions compared to what was introduced in November. Read our summary, and watch this space for further updates.

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Business travel to Hungary March 2021

New restrictions on business travel to Hungary from March

martes, 2 marzo, 2021

Starting from 1 March 2021, business travel to Hungary will be somewhat restricted based on which country you are coming from and whether you are a resident in the country of departure or in Hungary.

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pandemic-related restrictions

Are pandemic-related restrictions staying in place in Hungary?

martes, 23 febrero, 2021

The new law creates the legal framework for extending the state of emergency and the pandemic-related restrictions and other measures until 23 May 2021. However, it does not actually extend them in itself.

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payroll taxes in 2021

Salaries and payroll taxes in 2021, Hungary

lunes, 1 febrero, 2021

As of 1 February 2021, the minimum wage is raised to gross HUF 167,400, and the guaranteed minimum salary to gross HUF 219,000. Learn how this affects your company costs.

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virtual office

The benefits of a virtual office (and why you should have one)

lunes, 25 enero, 2021

The cost-effective and digital solutions offered by our virtual office service can hinder the spread of the disease while contributing to reducing costs for your company without compromising operational safety.

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Christmas charity at Helpers Hungary

Holidays and Christmas charity at Helpers

domingo, 20 diciembre, 2020

Helpers is closing for the holidays. Our last working day is 23 December, and we open again on 4 January. In our Christmas charity project, we have donated to various NGOs selected by our staff.

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negative pcr tests

Escape the quarantine with 2 negative PCR tests

viernes, 18 diciembre, 2020

Get two negative PCR tests with a police permission to go for testing, then apply to the police for the withdrawal of your quarantine order.

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Bank holidays in Hungary in 2021

Bank holidays in 2021 Hungary

martes, 8 diciembre, 2020

If you operate a business in Hungary and you have employees working for you, you must know about Hungarian bank holidays to better plan work loads, budget for wage supplements, and make informed business decisions.

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