En un sector como el nuestro, resulta crucial conocer a la perfección las normativas y el mercado local, así como estar al día de los últimos cambios en las leyes de inmigración y actividad empresarial. Como cliente de Helpers, no perderá ninguna oportunidad ni sufrirá ningún retraso por no disponer de la información más actualizada.

Nuestra sección de noticias contiene artículos sobre los temas que más interesan a nuestros clientes, como las leyes y programas de inmigración o las novedades fiscales y empresariales. También proporciona consejos prácticos sobre la vida y los negocios en Hungría. ¡Esperamos que le resulte útil!

Van der Elst visa

When do you need a Van der Elst visa?

jueves, 23 marzo, 2023

If you have a Hungarian company with third-country nationals working for you in Hungary, they might need a Van der Elst visa when they are posted to another EU country. Get a quick overview of how that works.

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Coronavirus immunity cards Hungary 2023

No more Hungarian immunity cards from March 2023

jueves, 16 marzo, 2023

After pandemic related restrictions have been phased out (and have not been reintroduced over some time), the Hungarian government has determined that there is no more need for immunity cards, so they will not print any more of them.

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TRademark registration law changes Hungary 2023

Trademark law modified in Hungary as of January 2023

miércoles, 8 marzo, 2023

Hungarian trademark law has just been updated to better harmonize with EU regulations and other relevant Hungarian law. This means several small changes to the existing law, mostly with practical considerations, making the trademark registration process smoother than before.

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Henley Passport Index 2023

Henley Passport Index 2023: Hungary still in Top 10

miércoles, 1 marzo, 2023

This year again, Hungary ranks in the Top 10 of the Henley Passport Index, making it one of the most desired passports around the world. Read on to learn what that means and how you can take advantage of it.

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Hungary census 2022: population and homes

First results from the 2022 Census of Hungary: population and homes

miércoles, 22 febrero, 2023

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office has published the first results of the census conducted last fall in Hungary. The first data pertain to the number of people and homes.

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EES 2023: Entry/Exit System

EES 2023: new EU travel rules coming soon

miércoles, 15 febrero, 2023

A new IT solution is planned to be introduced in Europe that is supposed to simplify the monitoring of who enters and leaves the EU. The Entry/Exit System, or EES for short, is planned to be implemented starting from May 2023, and it would replace the current passport stamping practice.

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AVDH document verification Hungary

How to use AVDH to verify your documents in Hungary

miércoles, 8 febrero, 2023

Normally, you can verify your various documents with your signature. In online spaces, however, you need a different method. The AVDH function available through your Ügyfélkapu access provides just that, accepted by most Hungarian service providers.

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Digital citizenship Hungary 2023

Digital citizenship in Hungary – How will electronic administration change?

miércoles, 1 febrero, 2023

The Hungarian government has recently approved the National Digital Citizenship Program that aims at creating more accessible online administration spaces. The first strategic phase is set to start in 2023 and end in 2026.

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Residency for blended families in Hungary

Family unification for blended families in Hungary

miércoles, 25 enero, 2023

When you immigrate to Hungary, it is normal to bring your family. Your spouse and underage children can always join you with a procedure called family unification. That also applies to blended families and stepchildren.

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Flat-rate taxation costs in Hungary 2023

Flat-rate taxation costs: a comprehensive guide for freelancers in Hungary

miércoles, 18 enero, 2023

Flat-rate taxation (or “átalányadó”) is currently the most popular tax regime among freelancers with a relatively low annual revenue. It is not as straightforward as KATA, but it is still simple and low cost compared to other tax regimes.

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