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Hungarian residency bond refund

Hungarian residency bond refund and residency renewal

lunes, 9 diciembre, 2019

Became eligible for Hungarian permanent residency through the purchase of Hungarian government bonds? Then check on your investment agency and make sure to renew your permit.

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Chinese investors interested in Hungarian real estate

martes, 6 febrero, 2018

Are you are planning to make a real estate investment in Hungary as a non-EU investor? Then consider complementing your investment with setting up a Hungarian company and applying for Hungarian residency.

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The Hungarian passport is the 10th strongest in the world

jueves, 1 febrero, 2018

Henley and Partners, a global leader in residence and citizenship planning, each year analyzes passport strength around the world. They count how many countries you can access visa-free if you hold a given passport, and rank passports accordingly.

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Apply for a Hungarian address card

Why is it important to have a Hungarian address card?

viernes, 8 diciembre, 2017

If you hold Hungarian permanent residency, acquired in the Hungarian Residency Bond Program, you probably do not have a registered address in Hungary. However, there are several benefits to be gained from holding a Hungarian address as well as residency.

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Experts at Investment Migration Forum suggest the Hungarian program might restart

Posible reanudación del programa húngaro de bonos de residencia Investment Migration Forum 2017

miércoles, 7 junio, 2017

El programa húngaro de bonos de reanudación, suspendido al final del mes de marzo de 2017, podría reanudarse el año que viene, según participantes en el Investment Migration Forum. ¿Sucederá realmente?

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Immigrate to Europe from the US

How to immigrate to Europe from the US?

miércoles, 9 noviembre, 2016

If you want to visit Europe, you only need your passport, and you will be granted entry to the Schengen zone without questions. However, if you would come to stay, that’s a different story.

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When do you need a Hungarian residence permit or a work permit?

Residence Permit vs. Work Permit: Understanding the Difference

jueves, 3 noviembre, 2016

Hungary is extremely welcoming to newcomers, but it is important to follow all of the regulations to the letter. Depending on the circumstances of your immigration, you might need a residence permit, a work permit, or both.

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Find the investment opportunities that suit you best

Investment opportunities in Hungary – with your most trusted Helpers!

lunes, 10 octubre, 2016

After more than ten years in business, we have finally reached the point where we can already offer investment opportunities in fully fledged service packages. Join a franchise, buy real estate, or get residency through your investment.

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The number of British Expats living in EU countries

EU residency for British expats after Brexit

martes, 5 julio, 2016

The referendum on whether Great Britain should leave the European Union took place almost two weeks ago. The UK has not yet officially declared to the EU that they want to leave. When they do, how will Brexit affect the 1.2 million British expats currently living in EU countries?

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Hungarian Permanent Residency program even more attractive from July 2016

El programa de residencia permanente de Hungría, más atractivo que nunca

jueves, 30 junio, 2016

Tal vez sepa que el programa de bonos de residencia de Hungría es uno de los programas de residencia por inversión más atractivos de Europa. Las recientes modificaciones legislativas aprobadas por el parlamento húngaro ofrecen ventajas adicionales para los inversores.

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