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Payroll taxes and contributions reduced in Hungary

Payroll taxes and contributions reduced in Hungary during the pandemic

lunes, 11 mayo, 2020

Part of the economic relief measures in Hungary due to the coronavirus pandemic, some payroll taxes are reduced to help retain employees and heighten job security. The structure of fringe benefits and healthcare contributions also changes.

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economic relief measures in Hungary 23 March

Further economic relief measures in Hungary

lunes, 23 marzo, 2020

Some further measures have just been announced to alleviate the burdens of a broader segment of the population, and counter the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic on Hungarian economy.

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Economic relief measures 2020 covid-19 Hungary

Economic relief measures in Hungary during the COVID-19 pandemic

viernes, 20 marzo, 2020

The Hungarian government introduced the following economic relief measures to alleviate the burdens posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic, and make sure it is easier for everyone to get through these difficult times and pick up work once the situation clears up:

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Child Benefits in Hungary

Child benefits most relevant for employment in Hungary

martes, 3 marzo, 2020

The family allowance is paid directly to the parents of eligible children. It is the basis of the family tax benefit, which reduces the amount of taxes on the gross salary of employees.

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Ügyfélkapu: Client Gate or electronic administration Hungary

The “Client Gate”: your gateway to Hungarian electronic administration

viernes, 21 febrero, 2020

Any individual can get access to the Client Gate: not only Hungarian citizens but also other nationals. You can get a user account at any local government office in Hungary.

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VAT rates at Hungary

VAT rates in Hungary

miércoles, 22 enero, 2020

In Hungary, the rate of VAT is usually 27%. There are some special product types where VAT rates are lower. Before you start trading in Hungary, make sure you know how much VAT you must pay to the tax authority in order to properly adjust your margins.

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Minimum wage and salaries in Hungary in 2020

Salaries and payroll taxes in 2020, Hungary

martes, 14 enero, 2020

2020 has just started, and the new regulation for Hungarian payroll taxes and salaries are in. The most significant change is the increase of the minimum wage.

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Tax resident in Europe

Being a tax resident in Hungary vs. taking dividend in Hungary

jueves, 7 marzo, 2019

If you own a Hungarian company, you have to pay certain taxes and contributions after the dividend you take based on whether or not you are a tax resident in Hungary.

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Taxes on Dividend in the EU

Taxes on dividend and dividend advance payments in Hungary

jueves, 7 marzo, 2019

Calculating the taxes on dividend and dividend advance is a complex task, so make sure to ask your accountant or payroll specialist to advise you on your specific case before you take dividend from your Hungarian company.

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Company travel expenses Hungary

Travel expenses of a managing director in a Hungarian company

lunes, 25 febrero, 2019

In general, the costs related to a business trip are accepted as business costs in Hungary, and as such are deductible from the corporate tax. Some expenses, however, are subject to the so called “representation tax”.

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