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Register at a GP in Hungary

Register at a GP to get vaccinated for the coronavirus in Hungary

viernes, 12 marzo, 2021

For now, getting vaccinated for the coronavirus in Hungary is possible only if you have a Hungarian social security number. If you have that, you will still need to be registered at a GP (general practitioner) to get the vaccine – let us guide you through the whole process.

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Business etiquette Hungary

Business etiquette for foreigners in Hungary

lunes, 28 septiembre, 2020

If you want to build lasting and fruitful business relationships locally, you should get familiar with basic business etiquette in Hungary. Show your respect towards your partners by being well-dressed, punctual, and polite.

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EU registration card Hungary

How – and why – to get an EU registration card in Hungary

viernes, 4 septiembre, 2020

If you are an EU citizen already living in Hungary, get your EU registration card and address card as soon as possible, and cross the border more easily even during the partial travel ban.

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Moving to Hungary with your pet

Moving to Hungary with your pet

viernes, 14 agosto, 2020

When moving to Hungary with your pet, your pet will need the right documentation, marking, and vaccination to enter Hungary, which you can most probably take care of at your local vet.

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Medical Treatment Epidemic Hungary

Medical treatment during an epidemic in Hungary

lunes, 23 marzo, 2020

Basic services available to you during an epidemic include services that let the community prevent avoidable health risks. These include testing for the disease, medical examination, isolation, the transport of infectious disease patients, and the administration of lifesaving treatments.

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Minimum Stay in Hungary

New requirement: minimum stay in Hungary for residence permit holders

martes, 5 noviembre, 2019

According to new regulation, you must actually spend half of your time in Hungary to stay eligible for residency renewal. The minimum stay requirement is defined in 90 days in any 180 days.

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Stay in Hungary after you graduate: “Study-to-work” residence permit

viernes, 9 marzo, 2018

Are you studying in Hungary as an international student? Have you ever wondered if you could stay in Hungary after you graduate? Just find a work or start a business in Hungary – you have 9 month for that with the new “study-to-work” residence permit.

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Chinese investors interested in Hungarian real estate

martes, 6 febrero, 2018

Are you are planning to make a real estate investment in Hungary as a non-EU investor? Then consider complementing your investment with setting up a Hungarian company and applying for Hungarian residency.

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The Hungarian passport is the 10th strongest in the world

jueves, 1 febrero, 2018

Henley and Partners, a global leader in residence and citizenship planning, each year analyzes passport strength around the world. They count how many countries you can access visa-free if you hold a given passport, and rank passports accordingly.

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Get help for residency renewal in Hungary

Residency renewal in Hungary

lunes, 11 diciembre, 2017

If you are non-EU national living, working, or operating a business in Hungary, you most probably have a temporary residence permit. As a result, residency renewal every few years is an essential, though routine part of your stay in Hungary.

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