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Fringe benefits in Hungary – Cafeteria 2018

jueves, 18 mayo, 2017

Apart from salary, employees can receive a “non-salary compensation”. The various fringe benefits or cafeteria elements offer more favorable taxation options than regular salary – this is why many employers decide to offer cafeteria to their employees.

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Do you really need a business for sale in Hungary?

How do I find a business for sale in Hungary?

miércoles, 12 abril, 2017

In many European countries, buying an already established company is the best and fastest way to start business. In Hungary, however, it is fast and easy to incorporate your own company. This makes founding your own company a better solution than finding an already existing business for sale in Hungary.

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A corporate bank account in Hungary for your newly set-up company

Open your corporate bank account in Hungary

viernes, 7 abril, 2017

The banking system of Hungary is much more up to date than in many countries in Western Europe. You can open accounts in all major currencies including EUR, GBP and USD. It is advisable to also have a HUF account to pay taxes and contributions from. Exchanging currencies between your own accounts is affordable and available via internet banking.

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9% corporate tax and new allowances in 2017 in Hungary

miércoles, 1 febrero, 2017

For the past decades, Hungary has offered the most favorable conditions for businessmen intending to set up a company in Europe. Now new regulations make it even more attractive. Read our tax alert and learn about the 9% corporate tax and more!

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Team Building at Helpers Hungary

Team building for productivity – We are going on a company retreat!

jueves, 13 octubre, 2016

In order to create an even better team out of the people working next to each other in our office, team building is essential – that’s why Helpers is going on a company retreat this weekend.

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How to open a bank account in Hungary

How to open a bank account in Hungary?

lunes, 23 mayo, 2016

Analyze your needs, choose a bank and an offer which suits them, arrange for an appointment, collect the necessary documents, and open your bank account in person. Seems easy – and it is, with our assistance.

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Opening a bank account in Hungary

Opening a bank account in Hungary – Where to start?

miércoles, 18 mayo, 2016

Whether you are an individual or managing a company, having a bank account and access to online banking is a must to keep tabs on your finances. In Hungary, opening a bank account is fast and easy, although you have to fulfil certain requirements.

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Use modern project management to find out how to say the same in English

The same in English – Project management to the rescue

jueves, 5 mayo, 2016

If the translation is not yet available, it is fine to enter a dummy text, indicating where you will need to insert the “same in English”. Just don’t forget to update the file when the translation is ready.

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Pagony bookstore partners with Barako cafe to make Pagony Café

Pagony, so much more than a bookstore

martes, 19 abril, 2016

Pagony is not a bookstore. It is a space where you can spend some quality time: browse books, try board games, participate in various activities – and, from next Friday on, drink a cup of coffee. – An interview with the managing directors.

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Pagony Café opening 22 April, coffee supplied by Barako café

A Helpers success story: Barako café teams up with Pagony, Budapest’s top children’s bookshop

miércoles, 13 abril, 2016

This marks the beginning of just the type of fruitful cooperation Helpers promotes: the discerning clientele of Pagony will have a chance to sample coffee that is truly unique and amazing, while Barako will gain wider exposure and expand its reach by showcasing its excellent product in a whole new setting.

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