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Golden visa renewal Hungary

November 18, 2021

If you and your family members have Hungarian residency that you received after purchasing to so called “Residency Bonds”, there is a chance that your Hungarian government bonds will mature soon, and that you should renew your permanent residency. Let us help you with your Hungarian golden visa renewal!

The bonds and the permits

What happens with your residency bonds and what happens with your residency are two separate issues. Regarding the bonds, you should contact the investment agency through which you purchased the bonds, while your residency should be renewed at the immigration office.

You probably purchased your residency bonds through an investment agency like Arton, VolDan, or Innozone. As the maturity of your bonds inches closer, you should contact them and decide what should happen with your investment. Since there might be many bond packages that mature around the same time, it makes sense to get in touch with your investment agency well in advance to get everything taken care of in time.

The residency you received after the bond purchase is often referred to as a “golden visa”, but in legal terms it is a permanent residency. Permanent residency means that you are eligible for residency from its first issuance until the end of time, but you still have to renew the document every five years. If your bonds are maturing soon, it makes sense to check the expiry date on your residence permit (and on your address card, if you have one), and apply for your Hungarian golden visa renewal.

Renewing your golden visa

Your Hungarian golden visa renewal is independent of what happens with your investment. Whether you want to renew that for another 5 years or cash it in depends on you. In either case, you can renew your Hungarian residency – for that, you will need to submit an application with the right supporting documents to the Immigration office.

The documents required for your Hungarian golden visa renewal may differ based on where you live, and where you are handing in your application. You do not have to submit your renewal in Hungary: you may submit your application online, or through the Hungarian embassy in your country of residence, closest to your local address.

Ask for assistance from the experts

Helpers Hungary has been providing immigration and business assistance to foreigners in Hungary for more than 15 years. We have unrivalled experience with residency applications and renewals, and we can help you make the Hungarian golden visa renewal procedure as smooth as possible, while you can focus your time and energy on other things.

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