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I've found Helpers friend­ly, pro­ac­tive and pro­fes­sion­al. Their as­sis­tance re­moved the stress and anx­i­ety we had ex­pe­ri­enced in re­la­tion to han­dling our prop­er­ty in Budapest. Their prac­ti­cal ad­vice and pa­tience was great­ly ap­pre­ci­ated. Their utter in­teg­ri­ty en­sures that you can trust them with any job.

Gerard McGettigan Dublin


Heating at the office – winter work safety in Hungary

While fall is warm and mild this year, we are already in the season where heaters will inevitably be switched on all over Hungary. Since temperature is an essential element of an appropriate working environment, heating at the office will play an important role in the health as well as the productivity of your employees.

Air-conditioning at the office – Summer work safety in Hungary

Summer is on us, which means air-conditioning is being turned on in most offices and other places of business – and the temperature of the work environment affects the health as well as the productivity of the work force.

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The volume of investment deals is increasing steadily, indicating a strong upswing, reaching EUR 729 mln in 2015. Office buildings are represented approx. 59% of the commercial real estate market by volume, making offices the most popular investment target.

Commercial real estate

We offer clients a selected portfolio of real estate investment opportunities including all types of commercial and residential property, with a primary focus on office space, hotels or restaurants, and entire buildings in a central location. Our clients can get access to up-to-date insider deals not available anywhere else – including off-market properties that we acquire through our network. Unlike real estate agencies, we evaluate opportunities without bias and with a view to our clients’ interest, and only offer you deals that are truly unique and profitable.

Residential and commercial buildings

Buying an entire building in a central location can be a prestigious and profitable investment, and most of these offers come with tenants already in place, or a plan to expand or rebuild. If needed, we can also help you with operating and managing this investment after purchase.

Office space

We mainly focus on above-average (A+, A or B class) office spaces and entire buildings, with a preference for offices where the tenants are already in place and will remain after the sale to a new owner.

Hotels and restaurants

In our portfolio, we offer hotels of varying sizes and categories, from small boutique hotels to large and prestigious establishments. Restaurants and cafés are also an interesting option, where we can offer you both already running and successful venues and also start-ups.


Our services are priced based on the value of the investment and the complexity of the legal and licensing procedure.

Crucially, you pay nothing until a deal is finalized and signed – and before you commit, we will calculate the total cost for you.

Your costs will be made up of the following:
Success fee (payable only if a deal is finalized): 1-3% of the investment
Legal fees: max. 1% of the investment
Registration tax: 4% of the investment
Purchase licenses, documents: EUR 200 (+VAT if applicable)

If you would like to get an estimate of the cost structure in advance, please consult with our investment advisor!


This is the fastest way to buy property, and you can also plan or reduce tax liabilities when selling the property in the future.

Any foreigner can buy commercial property in Hungary, but buyers who are not EU nationals require a license, which we are happy to acquire for you as part of our service.

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