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When we decided to start our Hungarian company, we noticed that most info available is in Hungarian. Helpers guided us through all the processes. I can only recommend them.



Registered seat upgrade in Hungary with Helpers

What do you get at your registered seat? How fast and reliable is mail forwarding? Do you get actionable, English summaries of important messages? Upgrade your registered seat to a virtual office with Helpers and focus your resources on growing your business.

What to look for in virtual office service – Tips for business owners

Using a virtual office service can save you money not only at the start of your company operation, but also throughout your business activity in Hungary. Learn about some aspects you should keep in mind when choosing a provider.

Useful Tips

The incorporation procedure can be done via POA or in person, but after the registration the director must be present in Hungary briefly in order to open the bank account. We do our best to keep it simple, and also provide full assistance during client visits.

Company formation in Hungary

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Starting a business, that is, setting up a company in Hungary takes only a few days, including VAT registration – making Hungary one of the last countries to issue EU VAT numbers automatically. Combined with a 9% corporate tax, this makes Hungary a prime business and investment destination, ideal for foreign nationals looking for a cost-effective solution or a convenient base in Europe.

Why Hungary?

  • quick and easy incorporation: company registration in 4-5 business days
  • low corporate tax: at only 9%, it is one of the lowest in Europe
  • immediate international VAT number: no wait or extra requirements
  • low starting capital which does not need to be deposited
  • cost-effective setup and maintenance of the company
  • central location in Europe and good infrastructure
  • easy visa and residency options for all nationalities

When incorporating a Hungarian company with Helpers, you will receive all the support needed to get the company up and running. Our start-up package includes full-service incorporation with business registration, VAT registration, opening a bank account, and basic accountancy. Depending on your location and nationality, we may be able to conduct the entire process without you (through power of attorney) – please ask about your options.

If you do not know where to start – or if you do not want to deal with the hassle of starting a business from scratch – consider buying into a local franchise chain. Find out more here.


Choose the company formation package that best suits your business goals and current situation. All of our packages include everything that is compulsory, with no hidden fees or extras.

Time frame for company registration: complete within 4-5 days of signing

Essential: EUR 1,390 (+ VAT if applicable)

*This option is available only if you can register a company seat on your own and if you can translate Hungarian documents for yourself.

  • company formation (company registration in person or via POA)
  • company registration tax
  • local and EU VAT number
  • bank introduction
  • documentation in Hungarian and English
  • personal tax number and social security number for the director
  • chamber of commerce registration (incl. membership fee for the first year)
  • registration for electronic administration (the “Client Gate”): we accompany you to the public records office to register for electronic administration, vital for the accountancy of your Hungarian company

Standard: EUR 2,390 (+VAT if applicable)

In addition to everything in the Essential package, you get the following:

  • registered office for one year (prestigious business address next to the Parliament)
  • comprehensive mail forwarding and back office for one year: we collect your incoming mail, open it, then forward it to your accountant, or, if necessary, prepare a short summary for you in English, complete with instructions on what (if any) action you need to take
  • company extract in English: verifies that you are operating a company in Hungary, useful e.g. in negotiation with business partners

Office+: EUR 3,490 (+VAT if applicable)

In addition to everything in the Standard package, you get the following:

  • physical office with contract for 6 months: This is an actual office space you can use without limitations. You can bring a guest any time or you can rent a meeting room for up to 11 people.

This package is ideal for serious investors who want to be hands on with their business, and potentially want to relocate to Budapest. If you are interested in getting residency through business operation, please check out our options for business immigration here.

Accounting+: EUR 3,590 (+VAT if applicable)

In addition to everything in the Standard package, you get the following:

  • accountancy for 6 months, complete with handling up to 3 bank accounts, issuing up to 20 invoices per month, and doing payroll for up to 2 employees.

This package is ideal for foreign business-owners who want to take advantage of an English-speaking accounting team from Day 1 of the company’s operation and make sure that the company remains compliant with local tax regulations even while there is little activity.

Remote+: EUR 3,790 (+VAT if applicable)

In addition to everything in the Standard package, you get the following:

  • remote bank account opening: the Hungarian bank account of the company will be opened through a Hungarian CEO we recruit.

This package is ideal for entrepreneurs who do not wish to travel to Hungary for the time being but want to start their company activities as soon as possible. You will have full online access to your corporate bank account, and once you make your first trip to Hungary, you can register yourself at the bank of your company.

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It offers you a space where you can spend time on your own or with your clients. This will also contribute to the Hungarian bank account opening procedure, since it proves to the bank that you are committed to operating a viable company in the local market.

The client gate (or “Ügyfélkapu” in Hungarian) is an access point to e-Government, or the electronic administration in Hungary. It lets you take care of paperwork online or make appointments at public records offices. You can register your Hungarian company at the company gate through the client gate, which makes it essential for company opening. Read more here.

The company gate (or “Cégkapu” in Hungarian) is a web portal with an electronic storage place where official mail is always accessible. It is similar to the registered address of your company, and registration is also compulsory. Currently only the tax authority sends messages there, but the range of authorities will be expanded in the future. If you have your accountancy at Helpers, we can take care of the registration for you, as your accountant may be authorized to view your official mail – especially letters from the tax authority. You can read more here.

If you order the accountancy service together with the registered seat and mail forwarding from Helpers Hungary, you can make sure that all the official enquiries will reach you and your accountant on time, and your company will never miss a deadline when it comes to administration.

The company will automatically receive an EU VAT number as well as a local tax number upon registration – no need for further paperwork! Every Hungarian company is automatically eligible, so there is no application process. You can start trading with your new VAT number as soon as the company is registered.

You can set up a subsidiary to any Hungarian or foreign company, in this case we will need:

  • a company registration document that contains the parent company’s name, seat address, registration number, and the director(s) name(s) – this document needs to be apostilled or authenticated by a Hungarian Consulate and translated into Hungarian (the latter we can arrange).
  • the details of the director of the parent company (date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name, address)
  • a POA from the director of the parent company (in case he/she is not going to be present in Budapest) – once we have all the details, we can draft this and send it to you – this document also needs to be Apostilled or authenticated by a Hungarian Consulate
  • a POA from the director (and any shareholder) of the Hungarian subsidiary – this document also needs to be Apostilled or authenticated by a Hungarian Consulate

You can set up the company via POA (Apostilled, or authenticated by a Hungarian Consulate) and we can arrange the company registration without your presence. However, the director of the company has to travel to Budapest at least for one day to open the bank account for the company. Alternatively, you can schedule a 3-4 business day long trip and complete the procedure during your stay.

One of the advantages of incorporating a company in Hungary is that there is no obligation to deposit the share capital in the bank, and 100% of this capital can be spent immediately after incorporation on company-related expenses. The amount of the share capital is HUF 3 000 000 (cca EUR 8,300). All related services (e.g. accounting services, registered office) can be deducted from the share capital, so in case of a tax audit (which is common for foreign owned companies in the first few months) the authorities will not question the whereabouts of the funds. Alternatively, if the share capital is not spent by the time of the audit (on start-up expenses or other deductibles such as wages or office/material costs), you may have to present this amount in cash/on the bank account.

Yes. Helpers offers full-service assistance with setting up a business in Hungary. Hungarian company formation is one of the fastest in the European Union – from the signing of the registration documents, it takes no more than 24-48 hours. VAT registration is also immediate, so you can start working immediately, and take advantage of Hungary’s favorable 10% corporate tax.

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