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Invest in a real estate fund and get Hungarian residency for 10 years

In the Hungarian golden visa program, one of the options that lets you and your family get EU residency and a Schengen visa for 10 years is a EUR 250,000 investment in a real estate fund. But how does that work?

When in doubt, ask the Immigration Office directly

Are you worried about the new Hungarian immigration law? Are you looking for rock solid information? Not sure who to trust? You can ask the Hungarian Immigration Office directly.

Useful Tips

Consider the education of your children before moving to Hungary. Several schools and kindergartens offer education in English, German, and a few other languages, but some of them are private institutions, and their location may also be relevant when looking for a home.

Family visas in Hungary

When you are relocating to Hungary, it is just natural that you want to move here together with your family. Thanks to the procedure called “family unification”, you can bring your family along whether you are getting a residence permit based on business activity or any other reason. With HELPERS, clients of all ages will receive the same first-class service and assistance.

Family visa / spouse visa

Family unification is a type of dependent visa available to spouses and minor children of Hungarian residents or citizens. Depending on the main applicant’s procedure, the application for the family visa may be submitted together with the main residency application or after the first residency has been granted. Holders of dependent visas will have the same rights as the main applicant.

Beyond family unification

You might have other close family members as well who are not eligible for the family unification procedure. In that case, they might still get Hungarian residency based on their plans in Hungary. For example, if you have children above 18, they can enroll in Hungarian higher education and get a student residence permit. Those finishing university in Hungary can apply for “study-to-work” residency, which enables them to stay another 9 months in Hungary to find a job or start a company. When they find a job, they can apply for a work permit. At the same time, your old parents can move to Hungary to retire here.

Please note: Helpers no longer provides stand-alone student visa application assistance. If you need help, contact your university for guidance, since many universities offer information at their admission offices.


Please note that depending on your circumstances we might not be able to provide these services, but feel free to ask for a quote. In other cases we might outsource these services to our trusted partners who are dedicated to providing the same high-quality service that is the standard at Helpers. As a result, the prices listed here are indicative.

Non-EU residency application, including family unification: EUR 1,000 (+VAT if applicable) / person (+ the actual cost of translation)

For families applying for residency together, we offer significant package discounts.

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As you might suspect, a family visa, also known as a family unification visa, allows the spouse and dependent children of a Hungarian resident or citizen to join that person in Hungary. The citizen or resident must submit several pieces of information to apply for a Letter of Invitation, and then the family members must submit the Letter of Invitation along with several additional documents. Because the process is complex, it is best to hire an agency that is familiar with family visas to guide you.

If someone is applying for a visa or residency, the dependent visa is the document that lets family members accompany the main applicant. In Hungary, the best-known dependent visa procedure is called “family unification”, where the spouse and the minor (less than 18 years old) children of the applicant can apply for residency based on the residency of the main applicant received.

Yes – but not right away, since the residence permit based on family unification will not enable your spouse to enter employment. However, once they are here, they can more easily find a job, and simply change the dependent permit to a work permit once they have found one. Alternatively your spouse can also decide to start a small business in Hungary – we are happy to assist with either.

Most expats love living in Hungary! Budapest is a safe and clean city with many affordable, high-quality entertainment options, good international schools, lots of green areas, easy public transportation, and fast and inexpensive connections to all major European capitals. Living cost in Hungary is quite low, so even on a basic salary you can achieve a high living standard.

Hungary has excellent universities, with lots of subjects taught in English. Tuition is generally quite low (starting from just EUR 600/semester) and living costs are also reasonable. Hungarian medical schools are especially popular with foreign students, but you can also study business, economics, engineering, dentistry, architecture, and many other disciplines as a foreign student.

As the name suggests, a student visa allows international students to remain in Hungary during the course of their studies. To apply for a student visa, you must have an acceptance letter from a Hungarian university. You must also provide numerous other pieces of documentation, such as proof of having paid your tuition fees, proof of sufficient funds to support yourself in Hungary, proof of health insurance, and more.

Please note: Helpers no longer provides stand-alone student visa application assistance. If you need help, contact your university for guidance, since many universities offer information at their admission offices.

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