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Hungarian residency for financially independent persons

While this is a residency option available in several European countries, there is no such program in Hungary. However, you can still choose from several options; get an overview here.

Start looking at properties for your Hungarian golden visa now

The application period for the Hungarian golden visa program starts only in July 2024, but you can and should already start looking for residential real estate in Hungary.

Useful Tips

The Hungarian Golden Visa is your best bet if you are interested in investment immigration in Europe. 10 years of residency for a single investment is outstanding among similar programs.

Golden Visa Hungary

Starting from 2024, Hungary offers a new golden visa option. Investors can obtain Hungarian residency for 10 years, which offers visa-free access to the EU and the Schengen zone, with easier visa options to many other countries. The new residence permit will also be available for renewal, and family members can apply together. The application period is expected to start in July 2024.

Watch this space for updates.

Why choose Helpers?

Helpers is the only agency in Hungary with 20 years’ worth of experience in business, immigration, and investment services. Our team of experts offers not only a wide array of relevant services in competitive fee structure, but also VIP assistance and expert consultancy throughout each procedure. If you choose us, you can rest assured that your golden visa application stays right on track, and you will always be informed of the next steps to take.

The Hungarian Golden Visa program

In the new Hungarian Golden Visa program, investors will be able to apply for a so called “guest investor residence permit”. Unlike other types of residency, this will be valid for a whole 10 years without a minimum stay requirement. This means that upon expiry, your permit can be renewed even if you have spent no time at all in Hungary, provided that you maintain the investment. Family unification is also available, meaning you can bring your spouse and underage children along.

Since the law governing this option is very new, not all details are crystal clear just yet. Applications should start from July 2024, but there is a chance you will be able to make the investment earlier already.

Contact us today to sign up for the program, and we will let you know when further details become available.


For those who want to obtain 10-year Hungarian residency for themselves and their family members as part of the golden visa program, three options will be available. Whichever you choose, no minimum stay requirement will apply to you.

Real estate bonds: EUR 250,000

Purchase bonds issued by a real estate fund registered by the Hungarian National Bank (MNB)

Real estate: EUR 500,000

Purchase residential real estate in Hungary

Donation: EUR 1,000,000

Donate to a designated educational or cultural institution

Processing fee: To be announced

In the Hungarian investment immigration program that ran until 2017, there was a set processing fee defined for every application. We expect this will be the case in the new program as well. Stay tuned for more information.


Applications are supposed to open in July 2024. Since the law is very recent, the exact details are not yet clear. Preparing an application normally takes some time, so there is a chance you will be able to make the investment sooner, and in July you can already submit your fully prepared application package. If you signed up with us now, we will let you know when more information becomes eligible.

Details about this will become available later, but the rule of thumb is: as long as you want to maintain your Hungarian residency. In the case of the real estate investment, you may sell the property earliest after 5 years, but you must purchase another if you want to renew your residency upon expiry.

Minimum stay is normally a condition for renewing your Hungarian residency upon expiry. However, the minimum stay requirement does not apply to guest investors who become Hungarian residents based on their golden visa investment. Even if you do not spend any time in Hungary, you remain eligible for renewal.

Hungarian residents can enter visa-free any Schengen member state, and they can stay in that country for up to 90 days without any additional paperwork.

The Hungarian golden visa does not focus on citizenship but residency. Your golden visa related Hungarian residency may lead to citizenship if you spend enough time in Hungary. In the regular naturalization procedure, you need to hold a permanent address for at least 8 years, but other factors may reduce the waiting time. You can learn more about Hungarian citizenship here.

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