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Hungarian residency for financially independent persons

While this is a residency option available in several European countries, there is no such program in Hungary. However, you can still choose from several options; get an overview here.

Don’t forget to donate your 1% personal income tax

The deadline to report your personal income tax in Hungary is coming up: 21 May 2024, Tuesday. At the same time, you can also donate 1+1% of your taxes. This costs you nothing, and you can support a good cause.

Useful Tips

Local employers are often not familiar with the relevant procedures, and request candidates to present a work visa in advance. This is not possible – if you’re looking for work in Hungary, you’ll find it useful to be informed about workpermit regulations.

Work permit in Hungary

Non-EU nationals working in Hungary usually need a work permit (except as directors under certain conditions). Many clients are not aware that the first step in this process is finding a position and signing a labor contract – and many employers are not clear on the procedure and need our help. Please consult us if you’re looking to be employed in Hungary or plan on employing a non-EU citizen!

Working in Hungary

While EU nationals working in Hungary do not need work visas, non-EU citizens generally require a permit to work. This is true whether they are employed with a Hungarian company through a labor contract, or with their own company. The only exception is for non-EU nationals doing business in Hungary who work for their own business as directors. If the director, however, does any work in the company that is not related to management (e.g. in a one-person programming firm where the director also works as a programmer), he may need to apply for a work permit. To be absolutely sure and to avoid unpleasant surprises or delays, it is best to speak to an immigration expert.

Work permit application

The work permit application is currently done as part of the residency application through the Hungarian immigration office. The procedure must start with a valid labor contract between the applicant and a Hungarian company – it is not possible to apply for a work permit in advance and look for a job later. The procedure is quite complex and time-consuming, so make sure you speak to us if you are planning to work in Hungary or are looking to employ a foreigner.


Work permit & resident permit*: from EUR 1,300 (+VAT) (+the actual translation cost)
Intra-corporate transfer: from EUR 1,300 (+VAT) (+the actual translation cost)

* As of January 2014, there is a single permit that unites what were formerly known as work permit and residency for employment purposes. As such, clients seeking to settle in Hungary for the purposes of employment will need only this one procedure.


Normally we do not do job searches. Once you have found a job, we will happily handle your work permit and related paperwork.

Whether you have a particular candidate in mind, or you regularly work with an international team, we can help you with all aspects of employment – from acquiring a work permit and resident permit for your staff member to getting their tax number and social security number, doing their payroll, or even handling their relocation and assisting their family members with their visas.

You will need a personal tax number and social security number, so your employer can put you on payroll. You will also need a residence permit but we will handle this jointly with the work permit application. Finally, if you are bringing along your family to Hungary, they will also need social security numbers and dependent visas.

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