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We’ve had a flat in Budapest since 2006 and been using Helpers continuously since then. We find their services invaluable and all staff members have been a pleasure to work with.



Invest in a real estate fund and get Hungarian residency for 10 years

In the Hungarian golden visa program, one of the options that lets you and your family get EU residency and a Schengen visa for 10 years is a EUR 250,000 investment in a real estate fund. But how does that work?

Property sale in Hungary: How to sell your apartment as an expat?

To sell your Hungarian apartment, you will need a lawyer to create the contract between you and your buyer and to submit it to the land registry. You might also be required to pay a 15% personal income tax after the deal – however, this property sale tax might be reduced to zero in various cases.

Useful Tips

If you own a property in Hungary that you are not using all the time, it is a great option to rent it out short-term to tourists – with our management, this will not result in any wear and tear, and meanwhile you can stay in your own place whenever visiting!

Property Management

Owning a property abroad can be tricky business, especially if you are not living in Hungary full-time. Don’t worry: our property management services are tailored to foreign home-owners and investors, and can turn your property ownership in Hungary into pleasant and trouble-free experience for you.

Management of rental properties

Whether you want to rent out your apartment for long-term or short-term, we are here to help you! With long-term rentals you can plan your monthly income, meanwhile short-term rentals provide more flexibility and, in most cases, higher income.

Home management

Our “home management package” includes prompt rent collection, handling all administration related to the apartment, and maintaining a proactive relationship with the tenants on your behalf.

Short-term rentals

If you’re looking to rent out your Hungarian property short-term (to vacationers), our Vacation Rental Package includes bookings through international portals, contacting guests, cleaning and the maintenance work of the apartments. An additional benefit is that you or your friends and family can use the property whenever you wish – we will coordinate to make sure that it is clean and available for you!


Starting package

Price: EUR 240 (+VAT if applicable)

  • Consultancy with our real estate advisor
  • Transfer of utilities contracts (electricity, gas, phone, water)

Starting package Plus

Price: EUR 420 (+VAT if applicable)

  • Consultancy with our real estate advisor
  • Transfer of utilities contracts (electricity, gas, phone, water)
  • cable or satellite TV, internet
  • applying for home insurance

“Home management” package

Monthly fee: 12% of the rent

  • periodic check-ups of the property
  • picking up mail
  • notifying you of any broken appliances or other required repairs
  • collecting rent from the tenant
  • paying the bills
  • representing you at building assemblies
  • serving as a general contact and keyholder for your property

“Vacation rental” package

Monthly fee: 35% of the total income

  • 24/7 on-call and online assistance for guests
  • management of the advertisement with text, pictures, guidebook, etc.
  • management of check-in and check-out
  • cleaning
  • management of pricing (season, weekdays, Formula 1, etc)
  • management of calendar
  • providing amenities
  • “Welcome pack”
  • Hungarian mobile phone to keep contact with guests
  • regular maintenance work of the property

Additional services

Price: EUR 25/hour (+VAT if applicable)
You may require some additional services that are not included in the packages above. We are happy to help you with anything, please find some ideas below:

  • assembly of furniture
  • interior design
  • moving and packaging
  • finding repairmen and other providers
  • representing you at the apartment owners’ general meetings

Discounts and special offers:
If you buy your property through Helpers, you will receive our Starting Package free of charge!


Naturally, we are here to advise you we can estimate the income and expense both for long-term and short-term rental, so you can make an informed decision.

By employing our services from the start, you can ensure that all contracts and insurances are designed to protect your interests as a landlord in case of any problems.

If you buy your Hungarian property through us, we will advise you on the rental potential as well. But we are also happy to help you find the best option if you already own a place!

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