Business Services

Find your one-stop-shop for Hungarian business services: open a company, find an accountant, get your mail sorted and forwarded, write a business plan, hire staff… and more! Helpers Hungary offers comprehensive business assistance to cover all aspects of setting up and operating a Hungarian company. Enjoy the benefits of the local know-how and 12 years’ experience.

Company formation

Set up a Hungarian company with an EU VAT number and bank account in just 2-3 business days, and take advantage of Hungary’s 9% corporate tax, low operating and labor costs, and stable business environment. From company formation to administrative and management support, we offer professional services, multilingual support and a strong local network.

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Accounting and Finance

If you operate a company in Hungary, you are obliged to have an accountant. Your English-speaking accountant will help you understand taxation and financial regulations as well as keep your books – this way you can keep your company compliant, avoid any unpleasant fines or difficulties, and ensure that your money gets budgeted and spent in the optimal way.

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Virtual Office

Your Hungarian company is officially required to have a registered address. This is where authorities will expect to find your company; therefore, it is crucial that any incoming mail or enquiries are handled by professionals. Helpers Hungary offers a virtual office package including a prestigious registered address, daily mail processing services, and administrative assistance to ensure your company’s compliance.

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Business planning

Learn about the local market and plan your activity before launching your business. This way you can avoid unnecessary risks and better allocate your budgets. Whether you want to just scan the sector, analyze competition, or get detailed financial projections, we are here to collect all the information and contacts you need to get started.

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Staffing solutions

Your newly set up company will probably require one or two employees at the start – a part-time or full-time assistant to help keep the business in order, or perhaps an expert or specialist to contribute the local know-how or network. We will work with you to get the most out of your budget, and ensure that your staffing needs are met quickly and cost-effectively.

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Web design and Marketing

One of the key elements of attracting customers is visibility. Building a website is a quick and easy way of achieving this: if prospective clients can find you and your services on the web, can check who you are and what you offer, you are already on the right track to promote your business.

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Translation Agency

Over the 12 years assisting business clients, Helpers has developed a full-service, state-of-the-art translation agency that specializes in business translations. Whether you need translated your website or portal, catalogs or handbooks, legal documents or daily news relevant to your operation, you are in good hands. We work with dozens of languages and experienced translators locally and worldwide.

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