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Helpers is the only choice if you need to open a business in Hungary. A fast, efficient and professional team that assists you from A to Z, excellent!

ALBERTO FERRARI Nomia International Kft.


How to save money on European company setup in covid times

In times of change, it makes sense to base your plans on factors that are less liable to change. This is why it is worth choosing Hungary when you are moving your business to Europe.

Business etiquette for foreigners in Hungary

If you want to build lasting and fruitful business relationships locally, you should get familiar with basic business etiquette in Hungary. Show your respect towards your partners by being well-dressed, punctual, and polite.

Useful Tips

Start-ups usually face the challenge of having to make massive investments before they can start earning any money. Choose our pay-as-you-go or part-time administration and back-office services to optimize your costs at the beginning.

Business solutions in Hungary

Our business support packages were designed with small and medium-size businesses and start-ups in mind. When it comes to pricing, flexibility, efficiency and service quality, we can provide even the smallest companies with professional support and representation. Our most popular services include accountancy, secretarial support, registered office, mail handling, and management support.

As a client of Helpers Business Services, you will gain access to:

Business network. Our clients get access to our own network of tried and tested, excellent providers and partners, who all come with solid references.

Local expertise – HR, finance, sales, marketing. Through a flexible and tailored outsourcing structure and for less than the cost of hiring a secretary, you can have professionals providing these functions for you – putting you back in the director’s seat.

Administrative assistance. Operational capacity is tricky business, especially for a start-up. We provide pay-as-you-go or part-time administration and back-office services with our own management supplying the required supervision.

With Helpers, you can enjoy the benefits of a full-scale operation from day one, without significant initial investment. Come in for a free consultation and to discuss the requirements of your business!


All our services are priced on an as-needed basis, with no hidden and unnecessary extras.

We offer project-based payment options for one-time, well-defined tasks like acquiring a particular business license, researching and drawing up a business plan, finding a suitable partner, recruiting staff, or setting up an office or warehouse.

For on-going support such as back office and secretarial services, financial controlling and planning, HR monitoring and consulting, sales representation or customer service, our clients can choose between pay-as-you-go (hourly) rates or flat monthly retainer fees.

For retainer contracts, we usually structure our prices in the following way:

Start-up costs:

  • Office rental: finding a suitable space, negotiating and concluding the rental agreement
  • Office set-up: installing internet, phone lines, buying and setting up furniture and other office equipment, arranging for property insurance and cleaning services
  • Recruitment: recruiting and hiring staff members based on your specifications and budget; drafting labor contracts and job descriptions

On-going costs:

  • Office rent, overhead and maintenance: rental fee, plus maintenance and utilities
  • Salaries for your staff: paid directly to the staff members based on payroll we provide
  • Supervision and back office support: provided by Helpers based on our agreement
  • Accountancy: this is obligatory for all Hungarian companies
  • Taxes: we will give you all calculations through a well-oiled reporting system

Trial period: We recommend a three-month starting period with higher supervision and guidance for your employees, after which we negotiate and settle into a routine cooperation.


Some companies use our business incubator for a few months and then become independent. Some other companies settle into a good cooperation with us and use our services for years – leaving the director free to travel and carry out his business internationally, without having to worry about the Hungarian company. To a large extent, this depends on your business objectives and your personal preferences.

Absolutely not. In fact, it is precisely start-ups and small businesses that can make ideal use of our flexible business solutions and business incubator options. Once the company is successful and grows, it can support its own internal structure with specialists and assistants covering every angle. At the beginning, however, it is crucial that the director should focus on the actual business – and leave the administration and daily operation to us.

First of all, we are the only provider in Hungary that specializes in working with foreign business owners in the small and medium-size sector. Our clients have a lot of special requirements: they usually do not speak Hungarian, are not very familiar with the local market, and they travel a lot – and at the same time, they are used to doing business in a convenient and professional way. Often the small company they set up in Hungary is only a part of a bigger international business venture, or else it may be a family business that is entirely new for them. With 10 years’ experience working in this niche, we have become experts at finding great solutions for you.

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Enjoy the benefits of a full-scale operation from day one, without significant initial investment, with back-office services supervised by our own management.

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