Immigration Services

There are various ways to get Hungarian residency. Let us help you acquire residency through business ownership, family unification, with a student visa, or help you with work permits, employment-related paperwork, or citizenship application. Assistance with driving license localization and address cards is also available.

Golden Visa Hungary

Investors can obtain Hungarian residency for 10 years, which offers visa-free access to the EU and the Schengen zone, with easier visa options to many other countries. The new residence permit will also be available for renewal, and family members can apply together. The application period is expected to start in July 2024.

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Business immigration

Hungary offers temporary and permanent residence permits to business owners who take an active role in their company as directors. To start the business immigration procedure, we need to set up a Hungarian company, prepare a business plan, and ensure that all requirements for the company’s successful operation are met. Once the director has his permit, the spouse and children can also apply for family unification. This program is available to all nationalities.

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Hungarian Investment Immigration Program

UPDATE November 2023: A new Hungarian investment residency program has just been announced to replace the old scheme. Click here to learn more.

Europe’s newest and most attractive investment immigration program presents an exceptional opportunity for getting PR in an EU and Schengen member state, and live, do business, or travel freely to and within Europe. In exchange for a 250,000-euro safe and state-guaranteed investment, applicants of all nationalities can obtain permanent resident permits with only a single visit to Hungary. Invest for 10 years – and get lifetime residency for the entire family in a matter of weeks!

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Residence permit

If you’re looking for a safe and cost-effective way to acquire an EU residence permit, Hungary is a great choice, with several options available to clients of all nationalities and backgrounds. You can get a temporary or permanent residence permit through employment, starting a business in Hungary, student status, and so on. To find the best option for you and your family, please schedule a free consultation!

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Work permit

Non-EU nationals working in Hungary usually need a work permit (except as directors under certain conditions). Many clients are not aware that the first step in this process is finding a position and signing a labor contract – and many employers are not clear on the procedure and need our help. Please consult us if you’re looking to be employed in Hungary or plan on employing a non-EU citizen!

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Hungarian citizenship

A Hungarian passport is among the most desirable passports in the world, offering visa-free travel within Europe as well as to the United States and Canada, among many other destinations. To find out whether you are eligible, and whether / when your current immigration status can be converted into Hungarian citizenship, schedule a consultation with our immigration experts!

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