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Residency Renewal for Hungarian Residency Bond investors

March 27, 2019

Got your permanent residence permit in Hungary through the Residency Bond program? Then you might need to renew it soon. Get help from experts!

The permanent residency you have

In the Hungarian Residency Bond Program, you purchased Hungarian government bonds (from an investment company like Arton, VolDan, or Innozone) which made you eligible for permanent residency in Hungary. The permit is valid for 5 years, which means that if you purchased the residency bonds among the first investors, it will expire in 2020.

With the Hungarian permanent residency, you can live and work in the European Union and you can travel freely around the Schengen zone. If you applied together with your family members, the same freedoms apply to them as well.

If you also have a Hungarian address card (for example because you want to become a citizen, or at some point you wanted to buy a car, a home, or a mobile phone, or you wanted to open a bank account or localize your driving license), check the expiry date on that as well. It might expire together with your permanent residence permit.

Investment maturity

The residency bonds you purchased in order to become eligible for residency mature around the same time. Make sure to check in on your investment partner to ask about the status of your investment and the return of your money. In case you chose the “financed option” for the residency bond investment, however, no money might be returned to you.

Residence permit renewal

If you have a permanent residence permit, you can simply renew it without meeting any further requirements. Naturally, you will need some supporting documents, partly depending on whether you and/or your family members actually live in Hungary. Since the full application procedure may take some time, it is worth starting it well ahead to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Assistance from the experts

Helpers Hungary offers assistance in residency procedure to foreign investors and their family members for 15 years. Our multilingual team and network of providers make sure that the whole process of residence permit renewal will not take more of your time and energy than absolutely necessary.

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Hungarian residency bond refund
Hungarian residency bond refund and residency renewal

Became eligible for Hungarian permanent residency through the purchase of Hungarian government bonds? Then check on your investment agency and make sure to renew your permit.

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