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Remote working in the Helpers office

March 13, 2020

Although Hungary is not severely affected by the current pandemic regarding the number of cases, Helpers is taking safety measures to protect the health of our staff, our providers, and our clients. Accordingly, the Helpers staff is working remotely starting from 16 March 2020, Monday. And now we are offering a 50% discount on company formation and business immigration.

Remote procedures and consultation

All of our procedures, consultations and services continue to be fully available online.

  • You can continue to contact us via our central email address,, and an expert colleague will get back to you within 1 business day. Please keep in mind that this is our preferred way of communication, especially since our colleagues will be working from home, which makes transferring phone calls just a bit trickier than within the office.
  • Naturally, you will still be able to schedule calls with your account manager, and consultation continues to be available online, e.g. on Skype.
  • Ongoing services, such as mail forwarding, payroll, and accountancy, continue to be performed without any complications. You will be notified of any deadlines, events, or important messages through the usual channel, in email.
  • Starting new procedures like company formation, citizenship or real estate purchase are also available without face to face meetings: negotiation and/or consultation is possible in email or on the phone too.

Social responsibility

Reducing the spread of the currently trending disease is our joint responsibility. This includes measures like washing hands more often, using disinfectant regularly, and limiting human interaction, avoiding crowded spaces. The Helpers Team decided to work remotely in order to do our share in protecting the health of everyone we would come in contact with during our daily work, during commuting, and at home. Please consider how you can contribute too.

Take care!

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