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How to bring work force from India to Hungary

February 1, 2019

Are you planning to move or expand your business to the EU? Then Hungary is the best choice, with quick and easy company formation, instant EU VAT number, and simple work permit procedure if you want to bring work force from India – or any other part of the world.

Work permit for Indian citizens

In Hungary, there are no restrictions on nationality when it comes to work permit and residence permit application. As a result, you can bring work force from India or anywhere else; if all requirements are met, the application process will be fast and smooth.

Work permit application for non-EU residents takes up to 70 days after submission, so make sure to plan accordingly. Your (future) employees will need the documents verifying their qualifications (e.g. college degree) and a signed labor contract, complete with the position they will fill at your Hungarian company. To start working in Hungary, they will also need a social security card, a tax number, and a registered address.

Corporate solutions for multiple employees

With a corporate work permit expert at your side, you can rest assured the application process will be as smooth and stress-free as possible. Helpers has 15 years of experience in filing residency and work permit applications for investors and employees immigrating to Hungary from India and many other countries around the world. We help you and your employee collect the right documents, fill in the right forms, so you can focus on planning your operation making it a success in Hungary.

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