Hungarian work permit – what to watch out for as a foreigner working in Hungary?

November 5, 2018

Are you a non-EU citizen staying in Hungary based on your employment? Then you have already obtained your Hungarian work permit. Awesome! Now here are some simple rules to abide by while you are living and working in Hungary.

Documents to keep with you

Hungarian citizens are required to have their ID cards and address cards with them at all times. Just like them, you are supposed to have your identification documents with you wherever you go. These documents are

  • your passport
  • your combined residence and work permit
  • your accommodation slip

Travel with your residence permit and work permit

With your combined Hungarian work permit / residence permit you can enter Schengen countries without a visa, and you can stay in any of them for as long as 90 days. This should be alright when you are going for a vacation, since that probably won’t take that long.

When your company wants to delegate you to another Schengen country (also called “secondment”), you and your company will need to consult a specialist to see if you need to apply for a separate work permit or residence permit.

Make sure to report changes to the authorities

The rule of thumb is this: something changes, you report it. If you are not sure what to report to which Hungarian authority, you can always ask your employer’s HR or payroll specialist.

Report to the Immigration Office if there is a change in

  • your address (you will need a signed accommodation form from your new landlord)
  • your marital status (you marry or you have a child)
  • your employment – you will need to apply for a new work permit!

Report to the Social Security Institute if there is a change in your

  • your employment, thus in your work permit

Social Security and your Hungarian work permit

Being insured in the Hungarian social security system is tied to your work permit. When your employment is terminated, you lose your eligibility for social security, which has to be reported to the Social Security Institute (“NEAK”). When you find a new job, you become eligible again – and you have to report that too to the Institute. For that, you will need an authorization from your employer, stating that you are now employed by them.

What if you find a new job?

Your received Hungarian work permit and residency based on your employment. If that employment is terminated – for whatever reason –, you will need a new residence permit / work permit to stay in Hungary.

If you find a new job that is more promising than the previous one, you will have to apply for a new work permit before you can start working for your new employer.

  • The assessment of the application may take up to 70 days, just like with your first work permit.
  • After your old employment is terminated, you cannot start working for your new employer before you receive your new work permit.
  • As a result, you should give some thought to how you are planning to switch jobs. The usual notice period in Hungary is 30 days, which might leave you for some time without income. You can either terminate your employment with a mutual agreement with your employer so you can stay in employment until your new work permit is granted, or you can set a longer notice period in your labor contract.

What if your employment is terminated and you don’t yet have a new job?

Your employer must report the termination of your employment to the authorities. Since your residency was granted together with your work permit based on your employment, your residency will be canceled.

You will need to find another reason that justifies your stay in Hungary: you will need to find a new job, or you can set up a business on your own. Of course, no need to worry: you will still have 30 days to do so.

Need help? Just ask!

Our expert team has been assisting Hungarian work permit and residency applications in Hungary for more than 10 years. With our help, you can rest assured all necessary documents are included in your application, and the process will be smooth and stress-free. Contact us!

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