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The “Client Gate”: your gateway to Hungarian electronic administration

February 21, 2020

“Ügyfélkapu”, literally translated as the “Client Gate” in Hungary, is a portal maintained by the central government, through which you have access to electronic administration.

What can you do through the Client Gate?

Through this Gateway to e-Government, you as a private individual can send messages directly to authorities, you can submit your personal tax reports, or you can make appointments at local government offices to take care of issues related to your work permit, residency, address card, or social security. At the portal each user has an inbox as well where you can receive and view messages from the authorities – messages are not sent directly to your email to ensure security of your data.

This is also your access point to the Company Gate (the “Cégkapu” in Hungarian), where you can handle issues related to your Hungarian company. This is an e-Government portal very similar to the Client Gate, but it is used by companies and relevant personnel (e.g. managing director, accountant). This is where official electronic messages are sent to your company (similar to how your registered seat works), and where your accountant must submit reports to the tax authority. As a result, it is essential that you have access to the Company Gate, and in turn, to the Client Gate.

How can you register?

Any individual can get access to the e-Government portal for private individuals: not only Hungarian citizens but also other nationals. You can get a user account at any local government office in Hungary, or at the foreign embassies or consulates of Hungary. If you are a Hungarian citizen, you will only need your Hungarian ID card; if you are a citizen on an EEA country, you will need either your EEA ID card or your passport; if you are a citizen of another country, you will need your passport.

When you are registering for the Client Gate, you will be asked to show your ID document and provide an email address where you can receive notifications from the platform. You will be required to select a username, and a password will be generated for you. After registration, you must activate your user account within 5 days and change the original password, otherwise your account will be deleted.

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