Cégkapu: What is the “company gate” in Hungary and why do I need it?

October 30, 2018

The company gate (or “Cégkapu” in Hungarian) is a web portal where you can access official mail the various Hungarian authorities send to your company. It is a step toward the digitalization of all administration in Hungary, and all companies are obliged to register.

From traditional to electronic administration in Hungary

Traditionally, it is your company seat where authorities expect to find you when they send you information about taxation or request information about your company operation. These messages usually require timely action, with deadlines not longer than 8 days. As a result, you need competent personnel available at all times at your company seat in order to make sure all mail is processed and forwarded to the right person in time.

Many company owners use the services of a virtual office provider. This means that the company seat is registered at the address of a provider who has competent staff on site. This way company owners can rest assured that their company remains compliant with regulations and their mail is always forwarded to the right person. A virtual office comes in handy also if you are planning on moving your store or office from time to time – since the address of your virtual office can remain always the same.

Similar to this, the “company gate” is an electronic storage where official mail sent to your company is always accessible. Whenever you get an official letter from the tax authority, a notification is sent to your indicated email address. You can then log in to the company gate and view the message. This ensures that all official mail is delivered to you without delay, and that such messages are retrievable anytime.

The plan is to make all official mailing electronic and direct it to your company gate. However, currently only the tax authority sends electronic letters there. As a result, you still cannot do away without a registered seat. Moreover, the mail forwarding provided in your virtual office remains essential since all letters are in Hungarian and need prompt action.

How to register my company at the company gate?

Registering a company at the company gate is possible if you already have access to the “client gate” (or “Ügyfélkapu” in Hungarian) – it is a similar electronic storage space aimed at private individuals who are residents or citizens of Hungary. If you are not a resident or a citizen, you can give an authorization to someone who is.

Logically, the person registering the company at the company gate should be one of the following persons:

  • the managing director,
  • the owner,
  • the company’s lawyer, OR
  • the company’s accountant, whether they are employed by the company or external providers.

It is worth creating a new, separate email address for the purpose of receiving official emails from the authorities through the company gate. This way official letters will not get lost among other correspondence. However, letters arriving to this address can be forwarded to your accountant – or any other interested party.

Is company gate registration compulsory?

Yes, it is. You must register your company at the company gate within 8 days after company registration. If you fail to do so, you risk missing official messages from the Hungarian authorities. You might also be fined for not acting in time on the messages you missed AND for not having the registration at the company gate.

Accountancy and the company gate

If you set up a company in Hungary and order the accountancy services of HELPERS, as your accountants we will also register your company at the company gate with a power of attorney. We create a separate email address for this purpose, through which you can also review your company’s messages. Emails will be forwarded directly to your accountant, who can this way stay up to date with messages sent to your company.

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